Why Use Cladding Contractors In Manchester For Your Industrial Roofing Project?

When it comes to industrial roofing projects in Manchester, or any part of the UK, there can be a number of advantages to getting professional cladding contractors to carry out work on your roof.

Roof cladding is a vital part of any industrial roofing system, and involves providing an extra protective layer to a building, which can act as a waterproof seal, whilst not being load-bearing.

Professional cladding contractors in Manchester can use a variety of different materials when carrying out any cladding work on an industrial roofing system – including, wood, plastic, imitation stone, as well as steel, aluminium and other metals.

At RCG, we have years of experience working as cladding contractors in Manchester, specialising in a wide range of roof cladding systems. We’re taking a quick look at why your next industrial roofing project could benefit from using cladding…


Aesthetically agreeable

The primary reasons for employing cladding contractors to carry out a project on your industrial roofing system, will first and foremost be for practical purposes. However, it makes perfect sense to consider the aesthetic aspect as well.

The right cladding can dramatically change the look of any roof, and even enhance the appearance of the whole building. Cladding contractors often use a wide variety of styles and materials, to help meet the aesthetic demands of any building, along with the preferences of the owner.

From eye-catching cream or charcoal stone cladding and rustic style brick cladding, to polished or rough granite cladding – there’s so much to choose from, to get the right style for your industrial roofing system.

Cladding can give the building a unique aesthetic appeal, which can only help to increase its potential market value.


Offers strong protection

Using cladding on any industrial roofing project, will give the roof and the building an extra layer of much needed protection. It’s an effective way to safeguard your industrial roofing system from a range of harmful elements, and cladding can actually increase the mechanical strength of any property.

By incorporating cladding onto your roof, it will become much more resistant to any temperature or climate changes, any rain, humidity, mould, strong winds, and the risk of cracks will be significantly reduced.

Installing roof cladding onto your industrial roof can save you money, and increase its lifespan, as cladding requires little maintenance. Cladding also has a waterproof layer, which prevents moisture building up on the surface of the roof, or within the building itself.


It’s low maintenance

Any experienced cladding contractors in Manchester will tell you, that installing quality cladding will greatly improve the maintenance of any industrial roofing system.

Cladding requires very little in terms of cleaning, and would hardly ever require any extensive repairs. In fact, most cladding would only require a regular wash every now and again, to keep it looking fresh and clean.

The low maintenance benefits can apply now matter what material is used for the cladding. For example – metal cladding can be extremely resilient to damage, with materials like zinc boasting self repairing qualities.


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