What is a MEWP roof survey?

Maintaining the health of your commercial roof is crucial for the longevity of your building.

One of the most efficient ways to ensure your roof is in top condition is through a MEWP roof survey.

But what exactly is a MEWP roof survey?

So, what is a MEWP roof survey?

A Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) roof survey is an advanced method for inspecting roofs that are difficult to access due to height, damage, or other hazards.

When using a MEWP, technicians can safely and efficiently evaluate the condition of commercial roofing systems without needing to traverse the roof physically.

Why are MEWP roof surveys important?

MEWP roof surveys are crucial for maintaining the integrity of high or inaccessible roofs. Traditional roof inspection methods can be risky and labour-intensive.

MEWPs provide a safer alternative, minimising the risk to both the surveyors and the building structure.

By using MEWP technology, issues can be identified early, preventing minor problems from escalating into major repairs.

What does a MEWP roof survey entail?

During a MEWP roof survey, highly trained operatives use the mobile platform to reach and inspect the roof.

They conduct a thorough examination, which includes:

  • Visual inspection to identify damage or wear
  • Photography to document the roof’s condition
  • Expert analysis and recommendations
  • Detailed reports and quotations for any necessary repairs

This non-intrusive method ensures a comprehensive assessment without the need to walk on the roof, preserving its current state.

What are the benefits of a MEWP roof survey?

The benefits of a MEWP roof survey include:

Safety: Reduces the risk of accidents by eliminating the need for physical roof access.

Efficiency: Allows for quick and thorough inspections, minimising disruption to the building’s operations.

Cost-effectiveness: Identifies problems early, potentially saving on expensive future repairs.

Comprehensive reporting: Provides detailed visual and analytical data to support maintenance decisions.

By leveraging the capabilities of MEWP technology, NWIR ensures your commercial roof is assessed accurately and efficiently, safeguarding your investment and extending the lifespan of your roofing system.

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