Asbestos Overcladding

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Asbestos Overcladding

If you own an older commercial or industrial property, there’s a possibility that asbestos was used in its construction.

Roof tiles and roof lights are common areas where asbestos might be found, and this material is well-known for its health risks. If you suspect asbestos is present in your commercial roof, addressing this issue should be a top priority.

There are two main approaches for dealing with existing asbestos roof issues in industrial buildings: asbestos removal and asbestos overcladding.

The Benefits of Asbestos Overcladding

Asbestos overcladding is an excellent solution for managing asbestos in your commercial roof with lots of benefits to it. We’ve listed some of our favourite benefits below:

  • Cost-effective: Asbestos overcladding is a cost-effective roof refurbishment solution that minimises site disruption. This method significantly reduces the expenses associated with disposing of existing asbestos roof sheeting, as it eliminates the need for costly disposal and transportation to licensed landfills.
  • Regulatory compliance: Overcladding helps ensure the property meets current asbestos management regulations, reducing potential legal liabilities. The overcladding process ensures that the new roofing system is insulated according to current warm roof regulations, enhancing thermal efficiency for our clients.
  • Enhanced safety: Asbestos roof overcladding effectively contains existing asbestos materials, preventing the release of harmful fibres and lowering health risks.
  • Economical solution: Overcladding is generally more cost-effective than complete asbestos removal, reducing both labour and material expenses.
  • Minimal disruption: This process is less invasive, allowing businesses to continue their operations with minimal disturbance compared to more extensive asbestos removal methods.
  • Improved weather resistance: Adding a new cladding layer enhances protection against weather conditions, prolonging the roof and building’s lifespan.
Asbestos overcladding services

System for the future

The new overclad roofing system is installed with 0.7mm outer roof sheets, and stepsafe rooflights and can be fitted with a roof line system for safe future maintenance. Read more about our Asbestos Roof Overcladding services here.

We offer over-cladding asbestos services for industrial and commercial buildings in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool & Warrington. Get in touch today.



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