Wall Cladding

Our specialist cladding contractors are experienced in providing custom wall cladding, expertly installed to ensure efficiency and durability.

Roof and Wall Cladding

Professional Wall Cladding Installers

At NWIR, we’re proud providers of industry-leading commercial and industrial wall cladding solutions in the UK. We carry out a number of professional wall cladding projects in the North West region and across the nation, wherever our services and expertise are needed.

Regardless of where your business is based, our operations team will be more than happy to assist with your wall cladding project. Our award-winning wall cladding contractors can offer you a fully tailored installation, using only the best materials manufactured and supplied by market leaders.

We know that implementing wall cladding can be just as crucial to protecting your building as roof cladding, which is why we always do our best to provide a completely bespoke solution. With RFG, you can be sure that your industrial or commercial wall cladding is high-quality and cost-effective.

Bespoke Wall Cladding

Our wall cladding contractors can install cladding in single skin, twin skin, and composite panel designs, whichever is appropriate for your needs. We will take protective qualities and budget limitation requirements into account when approaching each project as a unique and individual job.

Layering wall cladding sheets over existing wall materials is an excellent moisture control feature that prevents internal damage. Your business can benefit from the added corrosion resistance and insulation that keeps your building standing strong, reducing safety risks and repair expenses alike.

Additionally, wall cladding designs can beautify your building envelope, transforming the structure from basic to eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. With our extensive experience, we guarantee that our industrial and commercial wall cladding contractors deliver exceptional results every time.

Roof and wall cladding contractors

A Wide Range of Wall Cladding Options

Whether you need wall cladding for a commercial retail unit or an industrial warehouse, or any other type of building, NWIR can offer the ideal product for your project. Some of the various types of wall cladding you can choose from include:

  • Metal wall cladding
  • Imitation stone wall cladding
  • Wooden wall cladding
  • Plastic wall cladding
  • Micro-rib wall cladding
  • Site-rolled architectural panels

From aluminium to vinyl, timber to imitation brick, the choice is yours. You also have the option of applying wall cladding coatings for extra or renewed protection, which are available in a wide selection of colours for an impressive architectural aesthetic upgrade.

We can carry out a full strip and renewal service, or apply an overclad wall cladding system. Should you require a more complex level of refurbishment, we also provide rainscreen wall cladding. This is a great investment for improving air circulation without allowing water ingress.

If your existing roof cladding sheets need recoating to restore protection against the outdoor elements, we also offer roof cladding coatings. We use efficient spray systems to apply coatings from trusted suppliers, available in a range of different colours.

Roof and wall cladding contractors
Contractors for roof cladding and wall cladding

Choose a Custom Wall Cladding Solution

Wall cladding is a critical part of any commercial or industrial cladding system, providing a waterproof seal and improving thermal and sound insulation at the same time.

Are you searching for cladding contractors to carry out bespoke wall cladding work on your building? Do you need new wall cladding, or does your existing cladding need refurbishing?

Gathering plenty of knowledge and experience over our many years in the industry, NWIR is well-placed to assess your wall cladding situation and supply the perfect wall cladding system for your business requirements and personal preferences.

Our client-centred approach and commitment to high standards ensures that we complete every wall cladding project with minimal disruption to your business site and in total compliance with the latest building regulations. You can always trust us to get the job done well.

Why not take advantage of an accredited industrial and commercial wall cladding provider with some of the best local and national cladding services available in the UK? Get in touch with us today for fully-insured custom wall cladding, and our team will gladly assist you. 

Wall Cladding FAQs

Accreditations & Awards

We are extremely proud of our continued commitment to excellence and best practice in the commercial roofing industry. NWIR is therefore honoured to be recognised and accredited by a number of the UK’s leading professional bodies and associations, as shown below.



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