Why Commercial Roofers Are Taking Advantage Of Drone Technology

Ever since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) relaxed its regulations on the use of drones – commercial roofers are utilising the technology more and more to enhance their business practices.

There are now numerous reasons why drone technology is benefiting the industry, both for commercial roofers and property owners.


More Accurate Estimates and Inspections

Providing accurate estimates for clients is one of the most important challenges faced by commercial roofers. Some areas of the roof could simply be inaccessible, or the building might be at such an extreme height, it creates much greater risk for the roofers inspecting the damage.  

Drones give the ability to inspect the entire roof with ease – drone video can provide a high-resolution picture of the property, showing accurate and crisp clear visuals of the roof dimensions, its condition, and materials.

Many drones boast the option of thermal imaging, allowing commercial roofers to quickly check for leaks or warning signs of wetness. The hardware is helping roofers to deliver estimates faster and with spot-on accuracy to property owners, eliminating any guesswork.


Safety And Liability

Despite extensive safety precautions, commercial roofers still face inherent risks every time they scale a roof. The chance of injury, however slim, is still always a factor and the possibility of further lawsuits will then create problems for property owners and roofers alike.  

Utilising drone technology to eliminate extra trips to the rooftop, can help cut down on safety risks. Especially during severe weather, or when inspecting badly deteriorated older buildings.  

Drones can record the roof from above, keeping everyone safely on the ground during the initial inspection process.

Saving Time And Cost

The use of drones can avoid the requirement for commercial roofers to conduct every inspection in person – eliminating some of the need to load trucks and bring certain materials to the job site. This allows roofers and property owners to make greater potential savings.   

Drones take much less time to inspect and gather accurate data from multiple properties – meaning jobs that would usually take hours, could be reduced to taking just minutes.

The use of the technology allows commercial roofers to plan more efficiently, in terms of measurements, the best placement for materials and points of entry and exit to the site etc.

Even if some commercial roofers don’t always have the time to train and practice flying the drones, there are those that can be programmed with software to fly on autopilot – saving more time and expense.

The future of drone technology in the industry will continue to grow and become the standard for commercial roofers.

We understand all the benefits of providing drone roof diagnostic surveys for your property. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and take advantage – simply contact us for more information.