Things To Consider When Looking For Commercial Roofing Companies in The North West

If you’re in need of a professional roof survey or require repairs to be carried out to your industrial roofing or commercial roofing system in the North West, then choosing from all the commercial roofing companies out there can seem a little overwhelming.

It’s not a decision to be taken lightly as roofing contractors can unfortunately vary significantly in terms of quality, and if something goes wrong, it can lead to long-term problems for your building and your business.

At NWIR, we want to provide you with the best advice when it comes to selecting from the various commercial roofing companies in the North West, so that you can make the right decision for your company.


Look out for awards and accreditations

When comparing various commercial roofing companies in the North West, one of the first things to look out for is proof that they deliver quality work. One of the best ways to check this, is by looking for awards and accreditations, which have been received from industry recognised, reputable bodies.

Industrial roofing and commercial roofing has many accreditations that roofing contractors all aim to reach, and most require them to continually meet any requirements that are needed to gain those accreditation. So, as well as looking for the commercial roofing companies who have the most awards and accreditations, check they have the ones that apply to you.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen and the Achilles Building Confidence construction scheme are some of the key accreditations to look out for.


Check for trusted training

Any reputable commercial roofing companies in the North West should be able to show that they have skilled teams, of highly-trained and professional roofing and cladding contractors.

They must demonstrate that any contractors they use have gone through official training. This is  especially important when it comes to health and safety standards, and for installing waterproofing systems to any industrial roofing or commercial roofing system. A strong track record of safety and professionalism is a key indicator that you’ll receive the best service, value and quality.


Make sure they offer guarantees and they’re insured

Any commercial roofing companies who are confident and assured with the work they provide, should always offer a warranty or guarantee. Roofing contractors who have no guarantee or insurance in place is an early warning sign that suggest the work they carry out isn’t up to standard.

It can take years for damage on an industrial roofing or commercial roofing system to show if it’s been installed or repaired incorrectly. So it’s hugely important to make sure the roofing or cladding contractors you choose have the correct insurance and licenses in place. They will have no issues showing you copies of their comprehensive insurance and legal documents, if they have it.

Any guarantees commercial roofing companies offer should always include the quality materials that will be used and any maintenance, along with the final installation of the roof.


Watch out for a proven track record

The best commercial roofing companies in the North West should always be able to showcase their previous projects. Watch out for examples of the good work they’ve carried out in the past, and look for testimonials from reputable clients. These will all be great indicators that the roofing contractors are reliable and reputable.

Studying their track record will also allow you to see if they can effectively carry out the services you require. Following good recommendations from past clients is a sure way to finding the right company for your project.


Go for a balance between budget and quality of service

Of course good value for money is essential when choosing from any commercial roofing companies, but that doesn’t mean you should always select the cheapest.

First of all, quality roofing or cladding contractors should always be able to provide you with a free survey, consultation and quote. This will give you a firm indication that they can provide you with what you need and offer the quality of workmanship and materials to do it.

They should always be able to talk you through the various options that will benefit your industrial roofing or commercial roofing system, without ever forcing you to make a decision, or putting pressure on you. Focus on quality as well as cost, as the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” Don’t worry, you will definitely be able to find highly trained and quality commercial roofing companies for a competitive price.

At NWIR, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading commercial roofing companies in the North West and throughout the UK. We use highly-trained and accredited industrial & commercial roofing contractors to deliver the roofing projects you need.

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