Preparing your industrial roofing system for winter

It is important that a winter health check is completed on your pitched or flat roofing systems as the winter months are often our wettest months here in the UK, which can cause problems for you and your roof.

Issues faced in winter

Winter is the time when the UK is more likely to experience extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, freezing temperatures and high winds. If your industrial roofing system hasn’t been properly maintained it can cause problems, such as cut edge corrosion damage. Catching the signs of something like cut edge corrosion can save you a lot of trouble in the long run – especially as you head into winter. The fix is often only minor compared to the repair that would need to be done later down the line.

Snow loadings often impose additional weight loadings to roofing systems and the fast thaw reaction always requires all rainwater gutters, outlets and downpipes to be fully free flowing and working to their full capacity.

What to do

The quote: “The time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining” has never been more apt. Before the winter months and after leaf fall, a full roof clean, gutter clearance, outlet clearing/unblocking and flushing of all rainwater pipes prepares your buildings for the winter ahead and minimises the possibility of roof leaks and roof failures. Prevention is much more cost and time effective than cure, which is why it makes sense to do comprehensive winter preparation on your roofing system before the winter season begins. You can carry out these checks or contact a reputable roofing maintenance  company to do it for you. Employing the help of a professional ensures you complete peace of mind as you head into the winter season.

Why it’s important

These preventative measures play a major part in keeping roofing manufacturers roofing systems in validation, which in turn prolongs the life cycles of our clients’ roof coverings. A damaged roof in winter can be extremely costly depending on the severity, and it may even lead to a full replacement of your roofing system.

A compromised roofing system in winter can also be catastrophic in the industrial sector if the contents of your building are damaged. If you lose massive amounts of stock, supplies or equipment due to water leakage for example, your costs are going to spiral. You may not be entitled to claim on your insurance either if adequate maintenance has not been carried out on your roofing system.

Here at NWIR, we provide nationwide roofing maintenance and gutter & drainage systems including Industrial Gutter Lining Systems to ensure your system stays watertight and the structural integrity of your roof stays intact. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you keep your roof safe for winter 0800 046 1500.