Preparing Your Commercial Gutters For The Winter Ahead

During the summer your commercial gutters don’t see a lot of action. Summer is relatively dry and there isn’t a great deal of wind which means debris is less likely to be blown into your gutters, causing blockages and problems. And, with less rain, there’s not a lot of drainage that needs to be done. However, with winter quickly approaching, your commercial and industrial gutters are going to be tested which is why it’s vital to prepare them for the upcoming wet, windy and icy months.

Gutter maintenance

With your gutters not really having much to do over the summer, any problems that could have occurred at the tail end of the last winter could have gone unnoticed. Things such as cracked piping, blockages and debris build up can occur which, during summer, may not cause much of an issue, but by the time winter rolls around again these problems can be devastating to your gutters, and subsequently you building as a whole. This is why it’s essential to perform gutter maintenance to stay on top of any issues before they get worse.

Prevention is always better than cure and whilst it may seem like a hassle performing regular gutter maintenance on your commercial or industrial building, it’s much better than having a failing gutter system that will require much more work and cost a lot more to fix.

Plus, if problems with your gutters causes damage to your building, such as damp, mould, cracks to the foundation or further structural damage, it’s going to be a much bigger job than simple gutter maintenance.

Steps to take

Before the harsh weather hits, you need to take action to ensure your gutters are in full working order. If you notice any issues with your gutters it’s wise to call a professional.

Due to a lack of maintenance, a lot of commercial and industrial roofs suffer from gutter and joint failure which needs to be addressed by an experienced roofing company. Many existing commercial and industrial rainwater schemes do not have the capacity to cope with the volume of rainwater they face, due to wear and tear over time, or neglect, and new gutter lining systems and additional rainwater outlets are required.

Here at NWIR, we can provide new gutter & drainage systems to help your building cope with the demands of the months to come. Contact us to find out more.