Is Liquid Applied Roofing The Ideal System For You?

Applying liquid to the roof of a commercial building or property may at first seem like a rather proposperous idea, but liquid applied roofing is fast becoming one of the most popular and cost effective roofing solutions on the market.

The development of coating technology over the last 50 years has improved the quality and performance of a wide range of liquid roof coatings that can be used to protect and cover many different types of industrial roofing systems.

Predominantly used to preserve flat roof systems, liquid waterproof coatings can also be applied to other commercial roof types if required, such as pitched or domed. In addition to this, the versatility of liquid applied roofing allows it to be used on a variety of different materials too.

Most liquid roofing systems are often applied with a number of different coatings to ensure optimal performance, but this will sometimes depend on the specific guidelines provided by each manufacturer. This process traditionally includes:

  • Primer
  • Base Coat
  • Reinforcement Matting
  • UV top coat

Essentially, most liquid applied roofing systems work in the same way once the roof has been coated by acting quickly and effectively to create a completely seamless membrane bond that helps to ensure your building is provided with a long-term watertight solution.

Liquid Applied Roofing Guarantees

As professional industrial roofing contractors, we ensure that all liquid roofing solutions are applied in accordance with the requirements and guidelines provided by each of our chosen manufacturers. This ultimately allows the majority of our manufacturers to offer long-term guarantees of up to 25 years.

Other liquid roofing manufacturers may guarantee their products against ‘water ponding’, even if a liquid membrane is being used to overlay an aged flat roof or a system that has limited drainage outlets for rainwater to escape.

What are the benefits of liquid roofing?

Aside from lengthy guarantees and their expected lifespan, there are many other benefits that liquid applied roofing can provide to businesses and their owners.

Although liquid coating materials may initially be seen to be more expensive than the more traditional felt and single-ply membrane roofing systems, this type of roofing system is actually said to be more cost-effective in the long run due to the low level of regular maintenance and repair that is required.

Furthermore, the expected lifespan and high-performing qualities of liquid applied roofing also helps to bring down the long-term costs for business owners. For example, liquid applied waterproof roofing systems are highly resistant to UV degradation and other harmful airborne pollutants.

Unlike felt or bitumen roofing membranes, liquid roofing is also safer and easier to install as there are no hot works involved which can obviously pose a huge fire risk to your building and its surroundings. In addition to this, this type of roof covering can also be applied in all weather conditions due to its rapid curing properties, which helps to ensure the disruption caused to your property or business operation is extremely limited.

The versatility of a liquid applied roofing solution is not just restricted to the type of surface or roofing style, but they can also used to cover balconies and walkways, to which integrations with anti-slip walkways to accommodate foot traffic can also be included.

Dual System Manufacturers

Depending on the size, scale and complexity of your industrial roofing system, a dual system manufacturer may be recommended to offer the greatest level of performance and protection. More specifically, a dual system involves the integration and application of both a mineral felt system as well as a liquid coating across the entire roof area with one guarantee being provided for all.

Liquid Applied Roofing: Howdens, Runcorn

For many years we have been fortunate to work alongside a number of the largest companies and institutions in the UK to undertake a full range of industrial roofing services, just take a look at our projects section for further information. We recently had the opportunity to work with Howdens, the country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens and joinery products, who are based in Runcorn.

Here we installed a high-performing and high-quality liquid applied solution to over 11,000 square metres of roofing. This was then finished with a white covering as well as a black anti-slip walkway to allow for safe access to all parts of the roof.

Get in touch with our team of industrial and commercial roofing contractors today to find out more information about liquid applied roofing and the many other types of roofing services we currently provide.