How to Maintain Your Commercial Roof Guttering

Whilst roof guttering is essential for all commercial buildings, it is actually the cause of most commercial roof failures.

This is because roof guttering is the most neglected area of roof maintenance. Gutter joint failure is also a common problem with commercial roofs but isn’t detected due to a lack of maintenance which can lead to all sort of long-term issues.

Those commercial buildings with flat roof systems especially need their gutters properly cleaned and maintained.

What Happens When Roof Guttering is Neglected?

Roof guttering exists to direct rainwater away from the rooftop, and away from the building entirely. If guttering becomes clogged it can no longer perform this function. As a result, when it rains, the water is not directed away from your roof and can cause a number of problems.

Water can spill over the side of the gutters and flow down the building which over time, can cause flooding to the structure’s foundations. If this happens repeatedly, it can cause cracks within the foundation, which can compromise the structural integrity of the building but moreover, can actually cause frozen pockets of water to form within the foundation during the colder months.

A common problem with flat roof systems is standing water which can occur when guttering isn’t working properly. If standing water is left to stagnate this can cause severe problems for commercial roofs. These include sagging of the roof from additional weight, increased leaks, build-up of moss and plants, and faster deterioration of the roofing system. Standing water is actually one of the most common cause of commercial roof leaks.

Additionally, the exterior of your commercial building can become stained from dirty rainwater flowing down the side of your building due to blocked guttering.

Ways to Maintain Your Roof Guttering

It’s essential to regularly clean your guttering to keep it clean from debris. Thinks like leaves, dirt and other random objects can collect and clog your guttering. It’s not pleasant to think about but slime and go can form which also needs to be removed. This can be done with a scoop and then water pushed through to give it a thorough rinse. It is recommended that gutters are cleaned out at least twice a year and especially after bad weather i.e. strong wind and heavy rain, as this is the time that leaves and other debris are likely to blow into the gutter.

Regular checks and guttering maintenance is recommended even if there’s no cleaning to be done. This also gives you the opportunity to check for gutter joint failure. By regularly checking your roof you can stay on top of any issues and complete small fixes as and when rather than having a severe failing.

Here at NWIR, we specialise in gutter & drainage systems. This means if you’re having problems with your commercial guttering, we can install seamless gutter lining systems and gutter coating systems to provide a full refurbishment of your existing system. All our systems are completely watertight to provide a long-term solution. If you’re guttering is struggling to cope with the demands placed upon it, we can install new rainwater outlets as required.