Common Jobs for Industrial Roofing Contractors

Problems with your roof can have a detrimental effect on your business and its daily operations, costing you both money and time to fix them. No business in the world likes to spend unnecessarily, especially on issues that could be avoided with preventative measures. Understanding the impact that roofing problems can have and knowing how to avoid them can save a business a lot of time and money.

Nevertheless, sometimes the inevitable cannot be prevented and you may experience a problem with your roof you simply cannot avoid. This is when you will require the services of professional industrial roofing contractors. In this article we have included the most common jobs for industrial roofers in these circumstances.

Weather Related Issues

The autumn and winter months seem to keep commercial roofing contractors very busy, as there is nothing you can really do to prevent extreme weather conditions. Although there are measures you can take to minimise the impact conditions have on your roof, sometimes an issue just cannot be helped. Water ingress, overflows, leaks, loose materials and debris are all problems your roof may face in adverse weather conditions.

Regular roof inspections can help prevent such issues, but in really bad cases the job is best left to a professional industrial roofer.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal/cladding is a dangerous and risky job best left to industrial roofers. This is never a job that a building owner should take up alone due to the various health hazards involved. If you believe asbestos containing materials may be present in your roof, but have no idea where exactly, then it is well worth arranging a roof survey and inspection. Do not disturb any materials and get professional help – whatever you do please do not attempt to disturb the material yourself!

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Most gutter cleaning issues are easy to prevent or fix with preventative maintenance tasks and regular roof inspections. However, it is common for many business owners to ignore this responsibility and leave issues too late so that they become bigger problems. This presents another common job for industrial roofing contractors – cleaning and fixing blocked gutters! This job is a lot more prevalent during the winter months due to extreme weather conditions.

Water Related Damage

Water leakage is perhaps one of the strongest indicators that your roof is in need of repair or replacement, depending on how bad it is. Missing or damaged roofing materials, such as roof tiles, are often the reason behind leaks and damp spots. This shouldn’t be left too long, if for any time at all. As soon as discoloration or a damp spot is noticed, call in a team of professional industrial roofers immediately! The faster you react, the more chance you have of limiting cost and repair time.

Pesky Birdlife

Seagulls and pigeons are a roofer’s worst nightmare! They cause many issues and damage our rooftops by either:

  • Removing roof materials
  • Collecting debris
  • Making too much noise
  • Making a mess via bird droppings.

This can cause a lot of problems for commercial properties, often making them seem unsightly and unhygienic. Bird’s nests can also restrict the flow of water from the roof, causing water to gather in pools. Not only this, but they do not like to leave quietly. The key to preventing birds damaging your roof is to prevent them from landing there in the first place.

Broken Rooflights

Last but not least, we industrial roofers see our fair share of damaged roof lights too! Defective rooflights are easy enough to replace/repair but they do often represent a large chunk of our time. The main reason for rooflights breaking, perhaps unsurprisingly, is because of poor maintenance. A proper inspection programme will be able to notice signs of breakage early, such as:

  • Discolouration
  • Loose fittings and fixtures
  • Brittleness and tearing
  • Water ingress

Here at RCG we are always at hand to assist you with any roofing problems you may have. However, we recommend that you put a regular roof inspection and preventative maintenance plan in place instead; so that you can avoid these issues altogether. We can help you prepare, produce and carry out an effective maintenance plan all year round, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Give our team a call today on 0800 046 1500 to find out more.