Commercial Roofing In Manchester: Tips To Prevent Roof Leaks This Spring

We are proud to be an industry leading commercial roofers in Manchester, having had numerous successful projects in the city, and throughout the North West.

Our roofing experts have witnessed numerous issues that can lead to costly water leakage as the April showers set in – and with only a month or so to go before spring hits, it’s becoming increasingly important to check your commercial roofing system for any damage that could have occured over winter.  

We’ve put together a quick list of top tips to help you get your roof ready and up to scratch in Manchester, or wherever you’re based, for this coming spring…

Clear it up

Over the often harsh winter months, it’s all too easy for bits of gravel, leaves, twigs and other debris to quickly accumulate on the roof.

These materials can cause water to be retained, especially in drainage systems, leading to the formation of standing water, ponding, and the growth of mold and algae – all of which will cause leaks and costly structural damage.  

Ensure that all debris is removed from the roof surface and all drainage systems are completely cleared, to prevent further problems down the line.

Surface checks

Performing a thorough inspection of the roof’s surface on a regular basis, is always essential. Depending on the roof material, there are different elements to look out for and check, for example it’s best to inspect for cracks and holes when it comes to rubber or PVC roofing systems.

Keep a look out for any exposed areas with missing gravel or damaged felts on built-up roofs. If any cracks or holes are detected along seams or transitions, make sure to have them sealed.  

Walking along the perimeter of the roof is useful for spotting problems, like soft spots, mold, or algae around the edge details.

Penetration points

Things like drains, pipes, or other components that protrude through the surface of the roofing system can be extremely susceptible to leaks.

Inspecting these points is very important – make sure to check everything from vents and conduits, to gas lines and any heating and ventilation units.

If any damage or water leaking is detected from any roof penetrations, it’s advisable to consult professional roofers, and get the problems diagnosed and repaired quickly.

Secure sealants and inspect underneath

Roof sealants require regular inspections, and keeping a close eye out for any sealant or caulking issues can be very beneficial for the health of the roofing system.

Watch out for unusual openings, cracking or crazing, and any noticeable deterioration – especially around any perimeter trims and flashings. Spotting sealant failures early makes repairing the problems a lot easier.  

Also, as well as inspecting on top of the roof, don’t forget to check underneath as well. Any water stains, or streaks on the underside of your roof can be a clear sign of leaking problems.

If in doubt get help

These are just a few tips to help you prevent leaking damage in the spring – spotting small defects, deterioration and other issues early on, and getting them repaired will save potentially huge costs in the future.

If any damage is beyond your skill set or you’re simply uncertain of how to fix the issue, always seek professional help. Proper, accredited commercial roofers will investigate thoroughly, with the latest appropriate testing techniques, and will be able to determine the exact severity of any issue and respond effectively.

At NWIR, our commercial roofers can perform the very best roofing surveys and diagnostics using the latest technology.

We can be there to assess your roofing system anywhere in Manchester, or the UK – so don’t hesitate to contact our specially trained commercial roofing consultants today.