5 Benefits of a Commercial Liquid Roof

Liquid systems have been developed for application in a number of roofing systems, from flat roof liquid systems through to the treatment of cut edge corrosion and full metal roof coating. Thinking about getting a commercial liquid roof installed? Here are 5 reasons you should jump right in.

Seamless Application

Liquid roofs are great because of their seamless application. There are no joints in the membrane where failure is more likely to occur and a liquid roof can be used to seamlessly coat around various roof penetrations with ease. Furthermore, a liquid roof can be fully adhered to a roof substrate without the need for mechanical fixing.

Applications & Usage

They can be used on a variety of different buildings, both in the commercial and domestic sector, such as private homes and warehouses. Their flexibility means that they adhere to almost any material and can be sealed around HVAC units and vents unlike some other traditional roofing systems, and can be used in both flat and pitched roofing; as well as for both metal and bituminous roof refurbishment.

High Elasticity

The functionality of a liquid roof provides a higher level of protection than with other roofing systems, specifically, superior waterproofing due to the high elasticity. The seamless and monolithic membrane expands and contracts during various temperature changes but crucially does not tear or rip due to the equal tension it creates. As we mentioned above, the liquid roof is able to seal tightly and effectively around HVAC units and vents to ensure complete waterproofing.

Cold Applied Application

The process of applying the liquid roof requires no hot works which means there are no naked flames during the application. This dramatically reduces the risk of fire and therefore increases the overall safety of the installation process.


Liquid roofs can be overcoated at the end of their guarantee period without the need for full renewal, which give them a longer shelf-life than other types of roofing systems. Additionally, they require little maintenance, few repairs and do not have to be replaced as often as other types of roofs which saves you money in the long run.

Our liquid roofs also come with a guarantee of up to 30 years and have excellent UV resistance. For more information about how liquid roofing systems could benefit your building, contact us at NWIR today.