Will a new commercial roof help save on energy bills?

The short answer to this question is, “Yes, definitely!” Installing a new commercial roof will undoubtedly make your premises more energy efficient and is therefore a great business cost saving measure.

Below, we discuss how replacing your commercial roof can help to save on business energy costs.

Cost reduction in business – how a new commercial roof can help

High business energy costs can be due to a variety of reasons, from draughty doors to loose windows and poor insulation.

As you may know, heat rises. Outdated commercial and industrial roofs are often built from materials and installed using methods that are now obsolete. This means that they frequently put a greater strain on heating systems than newer, energy efficient roofing systems. Therefore, a great deal of heat can be lost through older roofs.

Experienced industrial roofing contractors, such as us here at NWIR, can install various types of energy efficient roofing. Our knowledgeable team can provide advice on the best type of energy efficient roofing for your commercial or industrial property.

A replacement commercial roof will save money on heating, as well as keeping you and your staff toasty throughout the winter! Additionally, it can drastically improve your commercial EPC rating.

EPC commercial property

The number one way to improve your commercial EPC rating is by adding additional insulation to your walls and roof.

However, there’s little point in adding insulation to your commercial roof if it’s in poor condition. Any leaks, however small, will cause your new insulation to become damp. Not only will this reduce the effectiveness of the roof insulation, but it will also make it heavy. Buildings often cannot withstand the excess weight of damp insulation, and this can lead to structural defects in the walls and even the foundations of your property.

It’s therefore vital you contact professional industrial roofing contractors. You may discover that a few minor roof repairs are all that’s needed to drastically reduce your business energy costs.

Talk to us about energy efficient roofing

You may already know that you’re in desperate need of a full commercial roof replacement. Or perhaps you’re just looking to reduce your business energy costs and would like to know if there are any problem areas in your commercial roof that could be contributing to your high heating bills.

Whatever your roofing woes, NWIR are here to help. We’re experts in all things related to commercial and industrial roofs. With over 100 years of experience in the roofing industry, it’s fair to say we know all there is to know about energy efficient roofing.

Get in touch today for a free roof condition report, detailing any problem areas of your commercial roof, and our proposals for putting them right (and saving you money on your business energy costs!).

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