Why is Roof Cladding Important?

Roof cladding is a vital part of any commercial or industrial building. Roof cladding is an extra layer that is put on a roof which, whilst not load-bearing, acts as a waterproof seal for the property. Roof cladding can come in a variety of different materials but we think one of the most suitable materials is metal, specifically aluminium or steel.

But Why Is It So Important For Commercial Roofs?

There are three main areas which make roof cladding an integral part of any commercial property and these should be considered when thinking about roof cladding for your building.

Providing Insulation

Installing roof cladding can provide insulation on your roof that can help to regulate the internal temperature of the building. Additionally, insulation can provide an extra layer of soundproofing which can be beneficial if your industry creates a lot of noise that can disturb the surrounding area – helping you to adhere to certain regulations. Finally, insulation can provide a level of fire resistance to your building depending on the type of cladding you have.

Protection From The Elements

Not only is roof cladding a waterproof layer that prevents moisture build-up in your roof’s surface and within the property itself, it also helps to protect the building from the elements. Excess sun, rain, wind and sub-zero temperatures can play havoc with commercial roofing and problems can occur without the extra layer of roof cladding. Extreme weather can penetrate roofs, cause cut edge corrosion and generally deteriorate your roof. By installing roof cladding you can save on roof maintenance and repair costs in the long-run and significantly increase the lifespan of the roof.

Improving The Aesthetics

The great thing about roof cladding is that it can be coated to match the existing aesthetic of your building or, can be coated to create a completely different look. So not only does roof cladding protect your building, it improves its aesthetics too, helping to increase the overall appeal of your building.

Thinking About Roof Cladding For Your Commercial Building?

Here at NWIR, we install a range of roof cladding systems – all from market leading manufacturers. Depending on your budget and your specific requirements, we can install roof cladding in twin-skin, composite panel and single skin anti-condensation designs.

Whether you go for the standard trapezoidal designs with your roof cladding system or you prefer the more traditional finish of tile effect and tile support systems, we can accommodate either. The installation of roof cladding is relatively straightforward so there’s minimal disruption to your site.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us at NWIR – we’re commercial roofers who specialise in metal roof cladding.