What is cut edge corrosion?

When it is manufactured, metal roof cladding is treated with a protective coating. The cladding is then cut to size, exposing a thin line of unprotected metal.

Once the metal cladding sheets are installed on a commercial or industrial roof, weather damage can cause these cut edges to rust, weakening the integrity of the cladding sheet. This is known as cut edge corrosion.

How to spot cut edge corrosion

If caught quickly, cut edge corrosion can be treated, avoiding the need for extensive industrial roof repairs in the future.

You should check your industrial roof regularly for signs of damage. Flaking, warped or rusting metal edges are signs that your roof cladding is suffering from cut edge corrosion. You should also look out for corrosion blisters forming around the joints in your roof.

If you do spot any of these signs, it’s vital that you contact expert industrial roofing contractors, such as ourselves at NWIR, to repair your roof cladding. Without immediate repair, cut edge corrosion will only get worse and could lead to leaks in your roof. If left to deteriorate, you may need to completely replace your roof cladding.

What is the best solution for cut edge corrosion?

Here at NWIR, we can preserve your industrial metal roof cladding by treating the corroded edges and applying a weatherproof coating to prevent further damage.

This way, you will avoid the need to replace each metal cladding sheet that has been affected by cut edge corrosion, saving you money and hassle. 

Additionally, repairing the affected panels is usually a better option for industrial roofs containing asbestos, where removal and disposal of the sheets could be a difficult task.

Commercial roof maintenance to check for cut edge corrosion

We advise that you schedule regular commercial roof maintenance with experienced industrial roofing contractors such as ourselves. We will check for signs of cut edge corrosion in addition to a whole host of other issues.

We’ll quickly be able to identify any problem areas with both the interior and exterior of your commercial roof, and we’re qualified and trained to do it safely.

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