We Take a Look At The Best Winter Rooftops in London

Here at NWIR, our highly trained roofing contractors work on commercial roofing and industrial roofing projects in cities all throughout the North West and the rest of the UK, which of course includes London too.

We are always passionate about roofs, hence why we’ve previously looked at our favourite roofs from grand designs, and also some of our favourite weird and wacky roof designs. But with Christmas drawing closer we wanted to look to the UK’s capital to explore some of the best winter rooftops the city has to offer, that are sure to get people excited this festive season.

SFG Club at Roof East

SFG Club at Roof East used to be a concrete car park, but the complex has since been converted into a bright and colourful rooftop bar. It’s also had a full winter makeover, with Christmas trees, festive themed cocktails and hot chocolates. There’s also 6 curling lanes that are illuminated by neon lights, as part of the rooftop bar’s Curl Runnings theme. A theme based around the film Cool Runnings, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

The Trafalgar St. James

The Trafalgar St. James rooftop has always been impressive, but recently it’s undergone a multi-million pound renovation. Outdoor heaters and blankets have also been added to the bar and rooftop space. Any guests can indulge in some snacks and cocktails while they enjoy a great view of Nelson’s Column down in the square.

Rooftop Skating at John Lewis

Those who decide to venture up to the rooftop of John Lewis will come across a festive themed ice rink that comes with a view of the London skyline. The rink itself doesn’t have any ice in it; it’s actually made of a type of plastic that looks snowy and icy. Visitors can still slide about on the rink in specially designed skates. The rooftop also boasts an astroturf lawn, plenty of festive fairy lights, and of course has great views of some of London’s landmarks. For when the winter weather gets particularly cold, the rooftop also has little gazebos stocked with warm blankets and cozy cushions, along with Christmassy huts that can be hired privately.

Pergola Olympia

This winter rooftop in London won’t see visitors exposed to the frosty, high-altitude winds of winter, because the rooftop bar and restaurant has been completely sealed in. Glass windows have been installed from floor to ceiling, along with a glass roof, that allows people to enjoy the spectacular views without feeling the cold.

As the weather becomes harsher it’s important to properly prepare your commercial or industrial roofing system for the winter. Our professional accredited roofing contractors can carry out a free roof survey, to help you spot any potential risks early before they turn into bigger problems.

Contact us to find out more about how we can make your roof winter proof, on 0800 046 1500.