Torch On Application For Felt Roofing Systems

One of the most important factors to running a business is finding the best roofing solutions for your premises. Whether it’s a warehouse, factory or commercial premises that needs its roof replacing, you need to take careful consideration of the choices available to you.

Felt roofing systems are increasingly popular due to their low cost. Commercial roofers can apply felt roofing quickly and efficiently – and they are the cheapest option when compared to other flat roof systems – initially offering far cheaper up-front costs.

We offer optional felt roofing systems to suit your installation needs, including the traditional torch on application. Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s involved and why it could benefit you.


Torch on application basics

Modified bitumen technology, such as APP or SBS, has seen significant development – resulting in greater resistance to cracking and UV damage from the sun.

These types of felt roofing systems come on rolls and are laid using a large blow torch, which heats and melts the rear of the felt – effectively melting it into the roof structure below.

Usually consisting of a 3 layer system – it starts with a perforated underlay, an underlay layer that’s around 2mm thick, and a thick felt layer about 4-5mm. The colour of the cap sheet at the top can be altered, allowing you to experiment with a variety of colours – there is also the option of a plain felt, which boasts a UV reflective silver solar finish.

All the layers are extremely strong, reinforced with a tough polyester weave squeezed into the middle of the felt. Commercial roofers are able to easily guarantee at least a 10 year lifespan on this type of felt roofing system.


Additional benefits

Torch on felt roofing is easy to install, and can be applied quickly and efficiently by commercial roofers.

Repairs can be carried out with little hassle, without the requirement to replace the whole roof. It’s also very durable, and resistant against tears and leaks – this low maintenance adds considerable long term value.      

Torch on felt roofing is a convenient option when considering the UK’s temperamental weather and climate – it boasts no limitations come rain or shine.

It’s not just applicable to flat roofs – you can apply it to a wide range of different roofing surfaces, like curved or pitched roofs.


Is torch on felt roofing the right option for you?

Working with professional commercial roofers means your needs can be fully assessed.

We specialise in market leading felt roofing systems – allowing you to choose from either torch on or fully cold applications when it comes to your installation. So please get in touch and we can talk you through the options available, and help you make a decision on the felt roofing systems that are right for you.