Tips to Prevent Flat Roof Repairs

No matter where you’re based in the North West, or the rest of the UK, your flat commercial or industrial roof will eventually suffer some damage. Whether it be from harsh weather conditions, improper repairs in the past, or a sudden leak, any flat commercial roofing or industrial roofing system can prone to a common set of problems.

It’s often unavoidable that you will eventually need the services of professional commercial roofing companies, and choosing the right roofing contractors to perform the repairs you need, is absolutely crucial. But there are ways you can help to protect the flat roofing system you have, to help reduce repair costs, and potentially even extend the lifespan of the roof.


Watch out for water problems

Generally speaking, most flat commercial roofing or industrial roofing systems aren’t completely flat. Many are actually slightly pitched, so that water can run into the drainage. However, because the slope of a flat roof is so low, rainwater can sometimes still accumulate. Also damage from foot traffic and minor imperfections on the roof can all cause what’s known as ponding water.

To help prevent ponding water damage, check your flat roof regularly and sweep off accumulated water each time there has been some heavy rainfall. If you’re worried that leaking is already occurring on your flat roofing system, then look to get a free roof survey from qualified roofing contractors in the North West.

Take steps to prevent sun damage

A flat roof is just as prone to sun damage as any other type of roof, especially BUR and modified bitumen roofs. These roofs are particularly vulnerable because sun’s heat can end up cooking the chemicals out of the roof layers. Also, ultraviolet radiation can cause damage to single-ply roofs. When UV rays shine directly on this type of roof, the adhesive layer used to seal the seams of the membranes together, can deteriorate faster. 

The best way to help protect your flat commercial roofing or industrial roofing system from sustaining sun damage, is by using a high-quality roof coating system. The right roof coating can effectively reflect the damaging heat and UV rays. It will also limit the expansion and contraction of the roof, increasing its life-span.


Make sure to keep up with maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance of your flat roofing system is crucial for keeping it in the best condition possible. Regular maintenance is always required no matter what type of commercial or industrial roofing system you have, especially if you want the roof to reach its full life expectancy.  

As well as having it inspected once every 6 months at least, make sure to have the flat roof examined by professional roofing contractors. Get experts in every time there has been particularly harsh weather conditions, or after other events have occurred that could have caused damage. Make sure to get any damage promptly repaired.

Use commercial roofing companies that you can trust

When you need professional roofing or cladding contractors to carry out repair work on your flat roof in the North West, or wherever you’re based in the UK, it’s important to engage the services of trusted, experienced professionals.

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We’re immensely proud of our proven track record of success, and if you place your trust in us to carry out repair work on a flat roof, or any other type of commercial roofing system, you can rest-assured that you’re in safe, dependable hands.

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