Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Commercial Roofing

The most effective way of retaining your commercial roof’s integrity is to maintain a regular routine of cleaning and inspecting. Spotting problems early and nipping them in the bud is proven to be far more financially astute than simply waiting for the inevitable to happen and shelling out a fortune on repair bills.

By observing a carefully considered commercial roof maintenance schedule, not only can you avoid the unnecessary costs associated with leaks and damage, you will also give your roof the best chance possible of extending its lifespan. But what exactly is “best practice” when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a commercial roof?

How often your roof needs a full cleaning depends on a variety of factors such as the size of its surface area, the materials used to construct it, and how exposed it is to various other elements.

Industrial roofing contractors will be able to give you an honest appraisal of your roof’s current condition and how often you should undergo the process, but commercial property owners can also judge for themselves by keeping an eye out for moss build-up, lichen, fungi and algae.

Allowing such materials to build up on roofing can cause leaks and discolouration, and when foliage starts to clog up your commercial guttering you can have some serious stability and drainage issues.

Tree branches and animal interference can also cause significant problems to your commercial roofing, so it is important that you and your staff know what to look out for when undertaking visual inspections. By seeing the cleaning process as an important part of your roof’s maintenance – rather than just an aesthetic issue – you will go a long way towards retaining your roof’s integrity.

When hiring a roofing contractor for a cleaning or inspection job it is also unwise to simply go for the cheapest provider, as not only might they lack experience but they may not be providing the exact service your roof requires.

Approximately 40% of all roof problems are caused by damage from humans repairing or poorly installing your roof’s components, so it is vitally important that you acquire the services of a team of experienced professional roof contractors rather than skimping on price.

Invest in other types of roof survey

Also by opting for more thorough inspections such as thermal roof surveying, electronic leak detection, or comprehensive drone surveys, you stand a better chance of identifying problems before they become exacerbated and cost far more than a simple survey.

The more modern roof inspection processes involving advanced technology do not only inspect your roof for current problem areas, they are also sophisticated enough to detect possible future trouble-spots, allowing you to remain one step ahead of the game and avoid any nasty surprises.

This aversion to increased costs should also be discarded when considering your roof replacement options. Whilst you may be able to put up with the unsightly appearance of a patched and repaired roof, can your business absorb the increased costs and disruptions to your business caused by constant repairs?

When a fully replaced roof system is unavoidable it is also wise to consider how easily maintained your new roof will be, and whether your commercial roof contractor offers any repair and restoration services for this particular type of roof.

When all is said and done those who maintain a regular state of vigilance over their commercial roofing systems save a significant amount of money compared to those who do not. A roof which is inspected professionally at least twice a year, cleaned at regular periods, and visually inspected by its owners will last on average 21 years – compared to 13 years for those who leave their roof’s integrity to chance.

You will also pay on average 18 pence per square foot in repair bills if you neglect to have your roof inspected often, with those undergoing regular maintenance paying only 10 pence. For a 10,000ft square roof this means you would save £6400 alone on maintenance costs over your roof’s lifetime, a figure which does not even take into account the additional savings made by not having to replace your roof 8 years early.

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