The Best Time for Roof Inspections and Repairs

When should I get my roof repaired?

There’s an old saying that was one used by John F Kennedy that goes: “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” Whilst we might think of this as merely a cliche, it’s actually entirely accurate – especially when taken literally. It makes sense when you think about it. Roof inspections and repairing is going to be tricky in gale force winds and torrential rain.

The job is going to be made so much harder when you’re battling the elements and it’s going to mean you’ll need more tools to complete the task to ensure your building doesn’t become waterlogged. It can be easy to ignore problems with your roof when you have good weather but by the time the weather turns, the job will be that much bigger and more urgent.

When should I get my roof inspected?

Ever asked yourself when is the best time to consider roof inspections? Regular roof maintenance is essential for the health and functionality of your roofing system – and subsequently, your building as a whole. In fact, it is a commonly held belief that if a roof is not regularly maintained it will only last for about half of its expected service life. And some warranty providers specifically cite regular maintenance as a necessity to make their warranty valid.

Newer roofing systems that have only recently been installed should have fewer problems to contend with (if they’ve been installed correctly) than older systems, but should still undergo regular maintenance as standard. It’s recommended that every roof should be properly inspected twice a year. Ideally, you want to have the inspections done once before the season with the most severe weather and once after.

Don’t put off roofing maintenance

The very worst thing you can do when it comes to roof inspections for your commercial or industrial roofing system is put off your maintenance checks or repairs. Burying your head in the sand simply won’t work and any problems you may have will only get progressively worse; causing you to have an even bigger problem in the long run.

You’ll end up having to spend more money on either roof repair, or an entire replacement roofing system instead of paying a smaller sum when the issues first arose. By performing regular maintenance checks on your roofing system, you can be sure to get ahead of any possible repairs. And it means you can plan to have the repairs carried out at the most suitable time – i.e. when the sun is shining.

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