Should You Repair Or Replace Your Commercial Roofing System?

Unfortunately, labelling your commercial roofing system as an out of sight, out of mind problem is only going to resort in more time, energy and resources being expended once an issue does occur. Not only do problems with your roofing system impact the condition of your building, but in some extreme cases they can disrupt production and even harm the welfare of your employees, customers and visitors. Before you know it, the cost to your business quickly spirals out of control as your reputation is left in tatters.

Yes, most commercial roofing systems are designed for long-term performance, but if you ask any industrial roofing contractor they’re likely to tell you that detailed roof maintenance that is undertaken at regular intervals throughout the year is always the best method of preventing such issues. Effective roof management will ensure that any problems are identified and eradicated before they can disrupt other parts of your business.

However, we know all too well that issues can still arise at any time, regardless of whether the roofing system has been carefully maintained or not. So, if problems do start to arise should you look to repair or replace your industrial roof?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that if your roof covering is currently affecting your production, leading to contamination of your product, leaking over electrics or resulting in injuries then the issue must be immediately referred to the relevant individual(s).

Contact a professional industrial roofing contractor

We then recommend that a professional industrial roofing contractor is then contacted about any concerns you may have. For example, here at NWIR we understand our client’s needs, especially in this current economic climate, and it’s also part of the reason why we’ll attend your site to perform an honest and comprehensive assessment of the current roofing system. In particular, we’ll assess and explain its structure, the specific concerns you’ve raised as well as investigate the supporting roof deck.

After completion we can then provide you with a full quotation that not only highlights which areas need to be considered, but we’ll also include details for short, medium and long-term options depending on the severity of the issues identified.

  • Roof repairs – The problems which have been identified are minor and can be quickly, easily and safely repaired.
  • Roofing overlay system – The current roofing system is structurally sound and the most effective method of resolving the issues that been raised is to install a new roof overlay system.
  • Full Roof Strip & Renewal – If the roof survey raises severe concerns with the integrity of the current roofing system which are not thought to be repairable then a full roof replacement may be required.

With regards to resolving a damaged roofing system with a repair, it’s important to also understand all safe access requirements and whether any further issues may be encountered during the repairing process. As a result, roof repairs are not often thought to be the safest and most cost effective solution for resolving such issues.

Offering clients a roofing overlay system is sometimes seen as the safest and most cost effective solution. For example, if the current commercial roofing system is a flat roof, an asbestos cement roof or and aged metal cladded roof then this may be the ideal solution to the problems that have been encountered. Ultimately, a roofing overlay system can provide clients with longer-term guarantees, cost efficiency and limited disruption to the day-to-day operation of their business.

British Gas Call Centre Roof Refurbishment

After concerns were raised by staff at a British Gas call centre we provided a detailed and comprehensive assessment of their current roofing system which identified the need for a roof refurbishment. By limiting the amount of disruption being caused to the daily operation of the call centre, we successfully managed to strip away any wet areas of the aged felt roofing system before overlaying the entire roof area with a new insulated felt roofing system.

Do you require more advice and information about repairing or replacing your current commercial roofing system? If so, make sure you contact one of our professional and experienced industrial roofing contractors on: 0800 046 1500