Should you insulate your industrial roofing system?

When considering a new roofing system for your industrial building, insulating your new roof to current Part L Regulations should be made a priority as it helps you to reduce heat gain in the summer whilst retaining heat in the winter months; in turn reducing the running costs of the building.

Having the correct insulation at the right thickness is crucial to obtaining the desired level of insulation or U-value.

Many industrial buildings lose large amounts of heat through their old roof coverings which are often asbestos cement sheeting or a single skin steel roof covering, providing little, if any, insulating properties.

Installing insulated an asbestos roof overclad system, a Twin-skin steel insulated roof system or an insulated composite panel roofing system are all methods to create an energy efficient, low carbon roof covering.

Not sure which one is right for you? We’ve got all the information you need to help you make the decision.

Asbestos roof overclad system

This system allows you to upgrade and insulate your existing asbestos cement roof covering without the roof stripping process. Not only does it effectively insulate your roof and building, it provides a new external watertight non- fragile roof covering that is more aesthetically pleasing. Asbestos overcladding is an extremely cost-effective solution that provides a long term, watertight and thermally efficient roof covering which eliminates the expensive licensed disposal of your existing asbestos roof covering.

Twin-skin steel insulated roof system

These insulated roof systems have a proven track record in the roof refurbishment market and are a cost-effective way to renew and insulate your existing roof covering with less disruption due to the multi layered cladding system. The roof is installed via a roof liner panel, spacer grid system and new outer roof sheets. The required U-value is achieved by filling the void between the roof spacer system with quilt insulation to the required depth.

Insulated composite panel roofing system

This system comprises of a single-component installation roof panel which is manufactured in a range of thicknesses to suit the building ‘u’ value requirements. The roof panels insulation core is manufactured using PIR insulation to reduce the overall depth of the roof build-up.

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