Should I Get My Commercial Roof Repaired or Replaced?

This is one of the most common questions that any building owner will ask themselves, especially when problems with their commercial roofing or industrial roofing system start to occur. Ignoring any issues can seriously impact the condition of your building, and if they are left to get worse, they could even disrupt production and make the working environment dangerous for any employees.

The vast majority of commercial roofing systems are designed and built to last long-term. However, most roofing contractors will agree that ongoing and proactive roof maintenance is always required at regular intervals, in order to prevent any unwanted issues.

Even with ongoing maintenance, problems can still occur, and whether it’s an isolated leak or more extensive roof damage; it’s important to have an understanding of whether your roofing system needs a repair or whether it needs replacing completely.

What are the signs of major roof damage?

There are a few tell-tale signs when a roof is suffering from major damage, which will likely mean either extensive repairs are needed or an outright replacement is required:

  • Shingles missing from the roof – leading to empty spots where rain water can seep under the roof and eventually leak through it.
  • Any stains coming through the ceiling or walls – can occur as a result of a large leaking problem.
  • Mold spots and foul odors – are usually formed as a result of ponding water, which had then slowly dried out on the surface of the roof.
  • Puddles of water – on the floor of an interior space, can of course be the most obvious sign of a major roof leak. Indicating that damage to the roof has resulted in a hole for the water to directly leak through.

If you suspect major damage – contact the professionals

When you spot any warning signs of major damage to your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system, then it’s vital that you get in contact with professional roofing contractors, who can both understand and cater to your exact requirements.

Trained specialists will be able to perform a professional, comprehensive and honest assessment of your roof; from its overall structure to any specific concerns you have raised. At NWIR, we can provide a free survey, and offer you a completely free and transparent quote afterwards in regards to any repairs you might need.

Roofing contractors will be able to highlight any and all areas of concern with your roofing system; detailing any long or short term options that you have, which of course can depend on the severity of any damage or developing issues.

Repairing the roof

When any problems which have been identified are minor and can be quickly, easily and safely repaired; then the best option is to salvage the roof by getting professional, low-cost repair work done.  

As long as the roof still has a healthy membrane, fitted flashing and optimal insulation, repair work to one isolated spot can be cost-effective, and help to extend the life of your roofing system.

Roof overlay

Sometimes carrying out roof repairs isn’t the safest and most cost effective solution for fixing any issues with your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system. It can be the case where further issues may be encountered during the repairing process. If this happens, then a roofing overlay system can be the best option to take.

When carried out by trained and accredited roofing contractors, a roofing overlay system can provide you with longer-term guarantees, cost efficiency and limited disruption to any day-to-day operations.

Full Roof Replacement

When the integrity of the current roofing system has been compromised or the roof repairs simply can’t fix the problem, then a full roof replacement may be required. Obviously it’s always best to get a detailed and comprehensive assessment of your roof, before making the big decision to opt for a replacement.

Sometimes choosing to replace the roof is the best option you can take, which means you’ll need the services of professional commercial roofing contractors. At NWIR, we know that the best way to determine whether or not your commercial roof needs to be repaired or replaced is it to take advantage of our free roof survey. So what are you waiting for? Any delay today, may end up costing you far more down the line.

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