Reasons You Need a Roof Light System in Your Industrial Building

At NWIR we offer bespoke roof lighting systems that can be tailored to a variety of commercial roofing or industrial roofing systems. Many opt for industrial roof lights, as there are a wide range of benefits that come with having clear roof panels installed within your commercial or industrial building.

First, what exactly is a roof light system?

Getting enough natural daylight is essential for good health and wellbeing. Unfortunately though, many commercial and industrial buildings have poor, heavily deteriorated roof lights, which allow very little if any natural daylight to enter the building.

A rooflight system can come in a huge range of designs and styles. As well as providing natural light, the rooflights can often be used for ventilation or even access. They are often installed using an upstand or kerb system, to support the actual product and act as a surface for any weathering to be fixed to. When installed on a flat roofing system, the upstand will provide enough height to make sure the rooflight remains watertight. 

What are the benefits?

Roof lighting systems bring a range of benefits with them, which will enhance any commercial or industrial building. Industrial roof lights not only add to the aesthetic value of a building, they’re also:

  • Extremely energy efficient – due to the fact that the clear roof panels of industrial roof lights allow natural light to shine through. Reducing the need for artificial lighting, and therefore saving money on energy bills. Which means your business will be more eco-friendly.
  • Great for improving health and wellbeing – thanks to the added exposure to natural sunlight, which can give employees more essential vitamin D; for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Natural sunlight also strengthens the immune system and helps regulate sleeping patterns, which can help productivity. 
  • Effective for improving privacy – as industrial roof lights can provide access to natural light whilst still maintaining a high level of privacy. Something that the majority of business who work with sensitive materials etc need to maintain. 

How can roofers help?

NWIR can install new industrial roof lights to both flat and pitched roofed commercial or industrial buildings, all whilst the building remains live and operational. roof lighting systems are installed with the latest non fragile materials.

If you’re looking for roof lights replacement on your commercial or industrial roof – contact us today on 0800 046 1500, or fill out our contact form online.