RCG’s Industrial Cladding Contractors do it Best

It’s true, we do. We do it first time, every time and everyone walks away with a smile on their face.

When it comes to industrial cladding, we do it best.

Wait…what did you think we were talking about!?

Anyway, this blog is a little plug from us to you. If you’re looking for industrial cladding contractors, we’re keen to tell you why you should be using us and what makes us special.


Our Consultants are the Best in the Business

It’s a bold claim but it’s one that we swear by. We have the BEST consultants in the business because we search tirelessly for them, we mentor them and we make sure they’re fully trained and accredited in what they do. We look at it as, if you’ve ever had a roofing emergency, who’d you want in your corner? Those are the kinds of people on our team.

Now the great thing about hiring these fantastic consultants, is the benefit they have for you and your business. They get things done fast and they get things done right. We’ve been to a lot of jobs where we’ve been shocked at what we’ve seen from other contractors.

Genuinely shocked.

Cutting corners costs you more money than it should and it’s not fair on you. With quality consultants comes quality work. You don’t deserve any less.


Proactive Over Reactive

Don’t get us wrong, we can react and we’ll react fast.

If you’re ever in need, a consultant can be with you almost immediately, but our goal is to take a proactive approach with everything we do. We want you to rest easy knowing that any industrial cladding you’ve had done, is doing its job and it’s going to keep on doing its job.

We’ll regularly review your roof, survey and check to make sure everything’s in order. Why? Because we take pride in what we do, just like you do. We wouldn’t sign off anything with our name on it, unless it 100% meets yours (and our) rigorous standards.

We offer up to 25 years’ warranty as standard on our industrial cladding solutions, because we’re certain that the work we do will last.


Award Winning Industrial Cladding Contractors

For the last two consecutive years we’ve won the ‘National Federation of Roofing Contractors’ project award for our work on some exciting projects, including our work on the Leeds Corn Exchange.

It’s an honour to have our work recognised, especially when the award itself takes into account factors such as: difficulty, aesthetics, workmanship and H&S. It also mean we can tell businesses (like yours) that you’re using industrial cladding contractors that are backed by a panel of experts with over 100 years’ combined roofing experience.

We’re trusted, tried and tested, and which means your roof is in safe hands. It’s that simple.


Free Site Survey

So, if you’re ever in need of industrial cladding contractors, then contact us today – we’ll always be more than happy to help. In fact (for a limited time only) we’re offering free site surveys, so do book today and don’t miss out!