Pros And Cons Of Tiled And Slated Commercial Roofing

If laid correctly by commercial roofers, a tiled or slated roof can be expected to last a lifetime or longer.   

Their durability, aesthetics and the fact that they provide strong protection for the buildings make tile or slate roofs particularly popular, despite the sometimes high expense.  

They are often considered one of the best options available – but there are still pros and cons when it comes to this type of commercial roofing.

Breaking down tiled and slated roofing

There are now both natural and synthetic options available when it comes to slate shingles and clay tiles. As part of the installation process, the shingles are hung in rows and attached to a framework underneath using nails. They overlap each other so that the nails remain hidden, this allows rainwater to flow easily over the top.

The exact length, texture and quality of the shingles can be specified depending on the building – an older building may require a different thickness and colour than a sleeker, modern property.  

The Pros

It’s widely considered to be one of the most sophisticated commercial roofing options, and there are many advantages to natural tiled and slated roofing.

  • Usually comes in a wide range of colours, thicknesses, and grains – helping to enhance architectural impact and overall property value.
  • It’s incredibly durable – with good quality, correctly installed tiled and slated roofs often having a life expectancy over 100 years. Making it one of the longest lasting roofing systems available.
  • The slate shingles can be weather resistant, unfading, and hold their colour for years –  even maturing into aesthetically pleasing weathered hues, depending on the type of slate.
  • Strong energy efficiency, for heat insulation and cooling air.
  • Easily maintained, fire and pest resistant, as well as recyclable – with many tiles being made with recycled post-industrial materials.

The Cons

Although it’s an extremely effective roofing system, there are some potential negatives when it comes to tiled and slated roofing.

  • Whilst being exceptionally durable, slate shingles are fragile during the installation process – requiring the use of very experienced specialists to carry out the work.
  • Specialist commercial roofers will need considerable skill so that the shingle pattern looks natural and consistent – as well the correct fabrication techniques to ensure strong life expectancy.
  • There can be a more substantial initial cost.
  • Designing the roof can be a difficult and longer process, in order to allow adequate access for maintenance duties, such as servicing air conditioning units.
  • It can also take much longer to repair and replace the roof – especially if the removal of the whole roof is needed to replace the substrate, and then clean each tile and put them back.

At NWIR, we are highly experienced commercial roofers, who are ready to repair, maintain and fully refurbish your roofing system.

If you need help with tiled and slated roof coverings – and are worrying about the potential risks involved – then are specialists can be there for you.

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