Preparing Your Commercial Roof For A Heatwave

We are still in the midst of a huge heatwave in the UK and with temperatures still set to rise your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system may be at risk.

It’s not just the cold and the rain of winter months that can cause damage to your roof, the blistering heat of summer can lead to substantial wear and tear, which in turn can cause lots of issues to form that you may not even be aware of.

So, we’ve put together some points to help you better prepare your industrial or commercial roof during an intense heatwave…


What damage can the heat cause?

Firstly, lets just quickly look at why exposure to prolonged heat and intense sunlight can potentially cause problems with your roofing system.

Heat can cause a lot of materials to expand, such as metal, wood, clay and even plastic. Then as the heat dissipates later in the day these materials will contract and shrink back down again. There’s nothing abnormal about this process, however the repeated expansion and contraction of material on the roofing system can lead to it becoming weakened and worn.

The heat can also cause cracks to form in various spots on the surface of the roof, as different areas shrink and expand at different rates, these cracks can then form leaks. As the heatwave rolls on you may be blissfully unaware of how much damage could be forming on your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system.


Prepare for the heatwave

There’s nothing you can do about the occurrence of intense summer heat, but there are things you can do to limit the amount of damage it does to your roofing system.

One of the best things to consider is getting a roof survey carried out by professional and experienced roofing contractors. The professionals will instinctively know what to look out for and they’ll spot any early warning signs before they become a very serious and very costly problem.  

When accredited and specially trained roofing contractors carry out a complete roof survey and diagnostic on your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system, they’ll include the following important steps:


A thorough inspection of the roof surface

When it comes to the elements, your roof surface is the most important line of defense for your industrial or commercial property. So it’s hugely important that your roof surface is well preserved and maintained.

A close up inspection of the roof surface will soon reveal any signs of wear and tear in particular areas. These areas can quickly be identified as potentially being vulnerable to the heat, and solutions can then be offered. You’ll get the benefit of a complete status report as to the health of your roof surface, to better anticipate any repairs or even when you need to replace it.

Checking over all the gaps

Your industrial roofing or commercial roofing system is bound to have gaps, meaning you’ll probably have skylights, vents, maybe a chimney, or an air conditioning or heating unit. These gaps and holes in your roof that are required to install these features, will have been sealed with flashing, which can gradually wear out, crack, and become porous over time.

During a particularly long heatwave this can happen far more quickly and before long these gaps will be extremely vulnerable to leaks. Professional roofing contractors will be able to spot any wear and tear of flashing around these fixtures and quickly provide you with the best advice in regards to what needs repairing or replacing.


Spotting early warning signs of damage  

As mentioned, during intense heat the materials on the roof can warp or become deformed over time, leaving the roof vulnerable to ponding. Flat industrial or commercial roofs are particularly vulnerable to this type of sitting stagnant water build up in certain spots. These spots will be more susceptible to wear and become prone to leaks.

Highly trained and skilled roofing contractors will be able to locate areas that are showing signs of ponding, and quickly come up with a solution to fix the problem and protect your business. Water drainage will be checked over by roofing contractors and they’ll also clean out any gutters or drains that have become blocked by dirt and debris.


Are you ready to schedule in a high-quality roof survey?

At NWIR, our highly trained and experienced roofing contractors can can carry out a wide range of roof surveys and diagnostics, to make sure your roofing system is up to scratch and thoroughly prepared for a long lasting heatwave.

With our roofing surveys, we’ll help you to prevent costly and time-consuming problems down the line, and give you the complete the peace of mind of knowing if any repairs are needed and exactly how to fix any problems.

We offer many more commercial roofing and industrial roofing services to our clients throughout the North West and the rest of the UK. Please contact us today, to find out how we can help you.