Planned and Reactive Roof Maintenance – Understanding the Difference

When it comes to roof management, effective and thorough maintenance will ensure the materials used to construct your roof last as long as possible. Failure to carry out the appropriate maintenance tasks can lead to a damaged or less effective roof and ultimately more expenditure to correct the issues caused. Where roof management is concerned, there are two separate types of maintenance operations for you to undertake – planned and reactive. In this article we will highlight the differences between them both.

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance work is scheduled and agreed upon at the start of the year, for implementation across the forthcoming 12-24 months. This type of maintenance will usually encompass larger tasks that have the biggest impact on a roof site. Organised and planned responsibilities may include:

  • Heating/cooling system maintenance;
  • Complete redecoration;
  • Electrical rewiring;
  • Skylight maintenance;
  • Tile/slate renovation.

Planned maintenance tasks have less urgency associated with them when compared to reactive maintenance tasks; nevertheless they will be more complex to deliver. However, you will have more time to pre-plan properly and effectively. Spending as much time as feasible on your planning efforts will ensure maintenance goes as smoothly as possible.

RCG Planned Maintenance Specialists

Projects such as this require specialist input and professional guidance to ensure complete peace of mind and effective maintenance. Our team of specialist contractors will ensure your roof maintenance tasks comply with statutory requirements and that all work is undertaken in the highest degree of safety.

We can complete a detailed site appraisal and recommend the best course of action to take with your program of planned maintenance. The package we will create on your behalf will also incorporate a service legal agreement for emergency repairs.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance incorporates day-to-day activities that are required to correct problems as and when they occur. Such tasks will ensure a site is able to operate effectively, safely and normally despite unpredicted and unexpected issues and failures. The tasks involved with reactive maintenance are often minor, especially in terms of cost and time allowance. Reactive responsibilities may include:

  • Replacing broken glass;
  • Replacing broke tiles/slates;
  • Fixing leaks;
  • Unblocking gutters and drains.

Nevertheless, on some occasions, work can also be very expensive and laborious – especially in instances of vandalism, weather damage or fire damage. Regardless of the nature of the work though, whether it be major or minor, reactive maintenance tasks will require a certain degree of urgency.

RCG Reactive Maintenance Specialists

Here at NWIR we can provide reactive roofing support on a national basis, delivering quick and effective solutions to your unexpected problems. When it comes to leaks, we are able to respond to your needs in either 24 hours or 48 hours, depending on your circumstance. Our specialist reactive maintenance team can provide:

  • Material repairs;
  • Full service vehicles with access equipment;
  • Roof diagnostics equipment;
  • Photographic equipment for professional survey report;
  • A variety of remedial repair compounds.