How to Preserve a Commercial Felt Roof

Why choose a felt roofing system?

A felt roof system is amongst the most popular roofing choices for many buildings due to the fact it’s relatively cheap to buy. In addition, the costs of repairing a felt roof are also low as it can be replaced without having to completely overhaul an entire roofing system. The areas that may need a little maintenance can be fixed instead of having to replace the whole roof completely.

A felt roof is also a popular choice because of its versatility. They can be installed on roofs of almost any shapes or sizes. And the benefits of a felt roof go much further than being a practical roofing choice. Felt roofs have a high aesthetic quality which can improve the appearance of almost any building. You can even choose the colour of the felt to match up with the building.

Is a felt roofing system easy to preserve?

Compared to other roof types, preserving a felt roofing system is relatively simple:

Regularly clear the roof of any debris such a sleeves, branches and rubbish
Conduct frequent checks of the felt roof for any signs of wear or damage
Always check the roof after any extremes of weather. Although they are among the sturdier roofing types, they can still be damaged

As mentioned, preserving a felt roof system relies on regular checks and inspections, so any issues can be caught and ironed out before they turn into larger problems. Which could have a detrimental effect on your building and its efficiency.

Interested in hearing more about felt roofing systems?

As a commercial roofing company, choosing a felt roofing system makes a great roofing choice. And here at NWIR, we install a range of high quality felt roofing systems, in APPO, APP and SBS materials all of which are available in torch applied and cold applied versions to suit the building’s installation requirements.

If you’d like to hear more about our felt roofing systems, or any other services, get in touch today.