How to maintain your commercial roof

The roof is the most important aspect of your commercial building.

Keeping it in good shape and extending its lifespan – delaying the need for a roof replacement – should be at the top of your priority list.

Regular maintenance will certainly help to mitigate potential problems with your roof, allowing you to spot and repair them before they escalate into something much more serious.

However, there may be occasions when you need assistance from commercial roofing contractors, like ourselves at NWIR.

Below we share some top preventative maintenance tips to help extend the service life of your commercial roof.

5 commercial roof maintenance tips

1.    Inspect your roof regularly

Arranging for a professional roofing contractor to come and inspect your commercial roof every year will give you peace of mind that it’s in good condition.

They will check the vents, skylights, eaves and joints – keeping an eye out for leaks, cracks, sagging, and weak spots.

2.    Avoid walking on the roof

Walking on the roof can cause lasting damage and impact its life expectancy – so, unless you’re a commercial roofing contractor, it’s not worth the risk.

Installing walkways can help to stabilise the roof, allowing inspectors to walk across it safely and carry out a thorough inspection without causing any damage.

3.    Repair leaks as soon as possible

Spotted a leak at your commercial premises?

This could be a result of a blocked drain, downspout or gutter.  Regardless of the source of the leak, you need to have it looked at and repaired immediately. Ignoring it could lead to electrical failure, equipment damage, or possibly even roof collapse.

4.    Keep your roof clean

Flat commercial roofs can collect debris from the surrounding areas. Therefore, scheduling regular cleaning is a good idea and will help to protect your commercial investment.

You may also consider pruning overhanging tree branches regularly to prevent your roof from accumulating algae, leaves and broken twigs.

5.    Make sure the gutters and drains are clear

Heavy rainfall and strong winds can direct debris into your gutters and drainpipes, leaving your commercial roof vulnerable to leaks, mould, mildew and various other issues.

With that said, check your guttering regularly for cracks and signs of wear and tear and repair them as and when required. Keeping them clean and free from dirt and debris will help reduce the risk of clogs too.

Want to know more?

If you have any further questions about maintaining your commercial roof and making it last as long as possible, please get in touch with the team at NWIR.

Our commercial roofing contractors are always on hand to help and have vast experience when it comes to fixing leaking roofs, blocked gutters and commercial roof replacements.

If access is limited, we can conduct a commercial roof survey to inspect for damage. Upon completion, you will be issued a detailed report with the findings, and we can offer expert advice on repairs.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, call us on 0800 046 1500.