How to Maintain a Commercial Felt Roof

Why choose a felt roofing system?

Many business owners opt for a felt roofing system for their commercial property because it is a low cost option. It’s the cheapest type of roof compared to other flat roof systems which means less up-front cost initially. Similarly, the cost of repairs won’t spiral out of control as sections can be easily replaced without having to interfere with the entire roofing system. Small sections that need care and attention can be seen to instead of a full roof repair which again would keep costs down.

They’re also a popular choice because of their versatility. Felt roofing systems can be laid to any size and can be installed on almost any roof types.

Once the felt roofing system has been installed it has a high aesthetic quality improving the overall appearance of the commercial building. It makes for a really clean finish and it’s possible to choose the colour of the felt to match the building.

How easy is it to maintain a felt roofing system?

Any commercial roof system needs regular maintenance to ensure it remains in complete working order. Failure to adhere to a regular roof maintenance schedule can mean problems go undetected and the scale of the fix increases over time, as does the cost. Of course, different roof types require different levels of maintenance.

Felt roofing systems are reliable and can withstand various weather conditions and high levels of foot traffic. In fact, they’re often used to prevent water ingress in flat roofs – so they’re a good choice if reliability is key.

Maintenance of a felt roofing system is simple and straightforward:

  • Regular check the felt roof for any signs of wear and tear
  • Clear any build up of debris such as leaves, rubbish, branches and any vegetation
  • Even though felt roofing systems are relatively sturdy check the roof after any extreme weather conditions

Basically, by regularly inspecting the roof it will mean any small problems are caught before they grow into large problems that can have a real impact on the building itself.

Interested in felt roofing systems?

A felt roofing system is a great choice and here at NWIR, we install a number of market leading felt roofing systems in both APAO, APP and SBS materials. Our felt roofing systems are available in both traditional torch applied and fully cold applied versions to suit the site installation requirements. To discuss whether a felt roofing system is the best choice for your commercial property, contact us.