How Do You Choose Your Commercial Roofing Contractors?

Choosing your commercial roofing contractors is a big decision and shouldn’t be one that is taken lightly. It goes without saying that the roof of your building is extremely important to you and your business. If something goes wrong it can have long-term negative effects on your company, costing you financially. As commercial roofing contractors, we’re all too aware of horror stories and nightmare experiences of botched jobs. Which is why we’re going to advise on the best way to choose your commercial roofing contractors.

Testimonials & Previous Projects

Testimonials and word of mouth are great indicators of a reliable and reputable commercial roofing contractor. Any roofing company worth its salt should showcase previous projects on their website for you to have a look at. This allows you to check whether they’ve previously completed the services you require, and whether the client was happy with the work. There’s a cliche saying that twice as many people share bad experiences than they do good experiences, so if you’ve been recommended a company, you can take that as a good indicator that they’re a reliable company.


The quality of work should speak for itself, but sometimes, you need an accreditation or two to really shout about your business! If you’re comparing commercial roofing contractors, trying to decide between a few, look at who has the most accreditations. It’s also important to look at the kinds of accreditations they have received and whether they’re from reputable bodies. Some accreditations to look out for include The Guild of Master Craftsmen and the Achilles Building Confidence construction scheme. Then you know the company is sufficiently skillful and competent to work on your roof. If they’ve received awards – even better!

Guarantees & Insurance

No commercial roofing contractor should carry out work without a guarantee and without proper insurance in place. Before deciding on your roofing contractor, ask to see their guarantee. This guarantee should include all the materials that will be used, the final installation and cover maintenance requirements. Guarantees ensure the job you get is going to last and that high quality materials are used throughout the entire project. Additionally, you should ask to see their insurance paperwork. All reputable commercial roofing contractors should carry a comprehensive range of legal and financial insurance cover.

Don’t Just Pick The Cheapest

It’s important that you get your roofing project completed within your budget, but don’t be tempted to simply pick the cheapest commercial roofing contractors, just because they are the cheapest. A lot of the time, impossibly low fees are too good to be true and you’ll end up with shoddy work. Shop around and be sure to look at quality as well as cost. You will end up getting what you pay for but there’s no reason you won’t be able to find high quality work for a reasonable price. On the flipside, don’t be taken for a fool. Compare a range of quotes to see what the average is.

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