How Do I Remove Moss From My Commercial Roof?

Moss can be an absolute nightmare for your roof, especially if you have lots of it growing around your commercial premises. You should always try and keep your roof moss free as much as you possibly can; you can achieve this by putting a preventative maintenance schedule in place.

The biggest problem that moss presents is that it can make your roof a lot more vulnerable to leaks, causing structural damage to your building. So it is vitally important you read up on the subject and educate yourself on how to get rid of moss from your commercial roof!

What Exactly is Moss?

Moss doesn’t seem as though it can cause much trouble and in some instances the growth of moss can actually add to the visual appeal of a premises. However, over-growth of this little green menace can cause a whole multitude of problems that can be costly to repair.

This particular plant species grows in cool and damp areas so your rooftop is the perfect breeding ground for it. Anything that involves moisture, some amount of shade, hard surfaces and an acidic environment will provide the perfect home for moss in general.

The Dangers Caused by Moss Overgrowth

If you have a low-pitched roof that doesn’t allow water to drain easily, you are more than likely to experience moss growth at some point in the year. This is also true if your building is situated in a wooded area.

Moss can grow and spread rapidly in the right conditions, spreading from roof to roof with ease. If you fail to think ahead, there are a number of problems moss can pose that will have a direct impact on the roof structure of your premises. This in turn can have a damaging impact on the daily operation of your business.

The biggest threat that moss poses is via its ability to retain water. This can cause leaks and can also rot away your roofing materials, leaving permanent damage to your commercial property.

Water resting on your roof can also turn to ice when the temperature drops, causing roof tiles to crack in many cases. What’s more, moss can also block your gutters, stopping them from doing their job properly.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Here at NWIR we believe in planned preventative maintenance, allowing us to foresee a problem before it occurs. It’s all about preventing the epidemic rather than finding a cure when it is already too late. Moss is a problem that can be avoided if you regularly have your roof inspected and maintained by a professional industrial roofing expert.

If you already have extensive moss growth on your building then you should speak to one of our roofing specialist as soon as possible. They can provide accurate advice and guidance on what your best course of action is. If you have yet to experience a problem with moss then the best thing you can do is keep your rooftop clean and free of any resting water puddles.

Call in the Professionals

Roofs can be extremely dangerous, especially when they are wet or icy, creating an environment prone to slips and falls. If you already have moss on your roof then it is advised to call in a professional rather than assess the situation yourself. Moss itself can be extremely slippery and can pose a huge threat to the safety of anyone attempting to climb your roof.

Having a professional roofing contractor take a look at your industrial roof will ensure the problem is dealt with by experts and in the safest manner possible.