How Can You Benefit From A Felt Roofing System?

As the summer months approach, you might be considering carrying out work on your industrial roofing system – whether it’s some repairs that need doing, or you’re looking for a complete roof replacement, you’ll need to consider your options carefully. One option in particular that can be long lasting, durable and suit any sort of warehouse, factory, or other type of industrial or commercial premises – is a felt roofing system.

Felt roofing is constantly getting more and more popular throughout the North West and beyond, largely due to the many benefits it offers. So, if you’re considering getting a professionally fitted, felt roof system for your industrial building, we want to take you through some of the ways you can benefit…


Easy installation

A felt roofing system is fuss free and can be incredibly quick and easy for professional roofers to install. At NWIR we offer traditional torch applied and fully cold applied applications when it comes to felt roofing, depending on your properties requirements.

When you choose to invest in felt roofing, you can rest easy knowing that it can be applied efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business. Unlike other alternative roofing options, It can also be easily fitted in wet weather. This can make felt roofing an extremely convenient option, especially during the temperamental UK summer months, which can be prone to bouts of sudden, heavy rainfall.


Long Lasting Durability

Speaking of summer months, felt roofing offers very strong protection against UV rays or hot sunlight, as well as wind and rain. A professionally fitted felt roofing system will provide you with a durable solution, which is is incredibly long lasting.  

Its surface is resilient to any sort of falling debris, such as branches or twigs, so you don’t have to worry about it getting pierced.

Can be cost effective

Another reason felt roofing systems are popular for many industrial and commercial properties, is the fact they are one of the cheapest options when it comes to flat roof systems. If you’re in need of a cost effective solution, and have a strict budget to adhere to, or you’re just looking to reduce costs wherever you can – the long term value of felt roofing makes it a smart choice.

Felt roofing systems can be an affordable middle ground option that is resistant to leaks and tears and protects against all weather conditions. Any repairs are rare, and quite straightforward to carry out without the need to replace the entire roof, making felt roofing systems a low maintenance solution that can offer savings on your long-term budget.

Very versatile

Felt roofing is a very versatile design option, and can be a viable solution for most types of industrial or commercial roofing surfaces. Whether your roof is flat, curved or pitched, felt roofing can be laid to any size you require.

The felt can also but cut specifically to size, so any level of detail that your existing roof structure has will not be an issue at all. By avoiding the need, in most cases, to tear off the old roof and remove any existing material, you can save time and money.


Are you interested in our felt roofing systems?

By working with our highly experienced and accredited roofers here at NWIR, we can fully assess your needs, to make sure a felt roofing system is the right option for you.

We install a variety of market leading felt roof systems in APAO, APP and SBS materials, and can install them as a single layer or as a fully insulated roof build-up, complying with all current warm roof regulations.

Let us talk you through the process and find the solution that meets all of your installation requirements – simply contact us today. We’re waiting to help.