Extended Camera Roof Survey

An Extended Camera Survey is a cost effective solution for fragile roof coverings. A photographic survey report will be issued upon completion.

Benefits of An Extended Camera Roof Survey

An extended camera survey involves a thorough diagnostic examination of your roof using a mast-mounted roof inspection camera to investigate potential problem areas. The process is simple and un-intrusive and involves a highly trained industrial roofing contractor using a pole-mounted camera system for swift and easy surveillance of your roof.

This type of roof survey can be used for a surface diagnostic of many different types of commercial roofing system, and they also offer an excellent method of inspecting gutters, chimney stacks and other roofing features without the need for direct access.

Removing this need means fragile, dangerous or inaccessible areas of your roof can be inspected without the need for disruptive safety measures, allowing you to achieve a high-level survey at a fraction of the cost and time of other more complex methods.

If your roof is suffering from water pooling, fragile roof coverings or any other preliminary signs of failure, our roof inspection pole camera will detect and document them before it becomes a more serious issue.

Extended camera roof survey

After the completion of your roof survey

Upon completion of Extended Camera Roof Survey you’ll be provided with a full photographic report of your roof, with problem areas identified and potential solutions offered. You will also , be given access to video footage of the inspection, which allows you to see your roof’s condition for yourself and help keep a record of its on-going state to assist with future maintenance efforts.

If you have concerns over the condition of your commercial roofing and you’re worried about the health and safety issues which come with a damaged system then waste no time in contacting a qualified commercial roofing contractor.

By identifying areas of concern before they get worse you’ll save yourself the money and hassle associated with major roof repairs, so contact us today on 0800 046 1500 for a site survey.

Extended camera roof survey



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