Do I Need a Metal Roof Restoration?

A metal roof can be the ideal solution for many commercial roofing or industrial roofing systems; coming in a wide variety of cost-effective designs, which are durable and aesthetically pleasing. However, over time a metal roofing system can still be subject to wear and tear, which could result in problems developing for the building itself. A metal roof restoration would allow these adverse effects to be overcome and the day to day operations of your business to commence smoothly. 

By making sure that you use proper maintenance, your commercial or industrial metal roofing system can last a long time. If you decide to employ the skills of professional roofing contractors to restore your metal roofing system, then not only can you potentially save a lot of money, you can also prolong the life of your roof.

So, do you need a commercial metal roof restoration?

What problems can develop with a metal roof?

While it’s true that a metal roofing system can have a fairly long lifespan, this will only be the case as long as it’s adequately maintained over the years. Effective maintenance involves coating, in order to avoid rust, and proactively replacing and re-fastening damaged panels.

Some of the more prevalent problems a metal roof can face include:

  • Ponding water, which can lead to severe damage such as rusting.
  • Seams on the metal panels can be prone to water leaks.
  • Panels can become loose when they expand and contract if they haven’t been installed correctly.
  • Bad weather such as rain, wind and hail can create a lot of noise against the metal material.

Could your roof be eligible for a metal roof restoration?

Eligibility of a commercial roofing or industrial roofing system in terms of restoration is determined on the condition the existing roofing system is in. If it is already severely damaged, then restoration will likely not help solve any problems or even be possible. Instead, a complete roof replacement may be the only viable solution left.

The best thing you can do is to schedule a roofing survey from trained roofing contractors, who will be able to evaluate whether your existing roof system can benefit from restoration. They will be able to draw on their years of experience to recommend the best solution for your building’s needs.

In order to be eligible for roof restoration, it’s essential that your current roofing system is in better condition than most roofs at the end of their serviceable life. This means certain aspects of it need to be in relatively good condition, these aspects usually include:

  • All the seams of the roof membrane are largely intact.
  • The overall field of the roof has been adequately maintained over the years.
  • Less then a quarter of the underlined substrate and insulation is wet.

How can a metal roofing system be restored?

The most effective way to restore a metal roofing system is by using a silicone coating, which is applied directly onto the existing roof. This coating can be sprayed or roller-applied directly onto the metal roof system.

This process of installing a silicone restoration membrane is relatively straightforward:

  • Roofing contractors carry out an inspection
  • Repairs are made
  • Seams are reinforced
  • The coating is applied

If your metal roofing system is in good condition, then you can take advantage of a restorative coating, to extend the life of your roof and renew your warranty.

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