Benefits of Bespoke Pitched And Flat Commercial Roof Design

No matter the type of building they have, many property owners often struggle to decide which type of commercial roofing or industrial roofing design is most suitable for them. Of course, cost and practicality play a big factor in any sort of bespoke roofing design decision.

However, considering that there are just two main types of roofing design options; either pitched or flat. Our experienced roofing contractors at NWIR, wanted to help you understand the benefits of both and their limitations, before you start moving forward…

Pitched Roofing Design

A pitched roof design is generally found on most domestic properties, where at least two slopes  rise up to a central point to create a triangle-like peak. Although common for domestic buildings, a pitched roof design is also an extremely popular option choice for many commercial roofing and industrial roofing systems.

The benefits of a commercial pitched roof design include:

  • An increased longevity and flexibility.
  • Welcoming natural characteristics that blend in with the local environment and surrounding architecture.
  • Effective waterproofing qualities, thanks to the durability and additional insulation that the roof can provide.
  • Extra room for living and storage space.

Commercial or industrial properties can take advantage of expert roofing contractors, who can provide a bespoke pitched roof design that is tailor made and cost effective. Keep in mind though, extra expenses can be incurred due to the higher complexity of this type of roof design, along with the increased labour and range of materials needed.

Flat Roofing Design

A flat roof design is most commonly seen on smaller commercial or industrial buildings. However, it’s important to point out that this type of roofing system is never completely flat. There always needs to be a slight pitch on any roof, so that rain water can drain away effectively, therefore avoiding damage from issues such as ponding water.

The benefits of a commercial flat roof design include:

  • An easier installation process compared to a pitched roofing system.
  • Initial cost effectiveness, thanks to a faster manual labour process, along with the lower price of the materials required.
  • A far quicker full roof replacement if needed, as this can usually be completed in one day.
  • Greater accessibility for any maintenance purposes.

Professional roofing contractors can easily install a bespoke flat roofing design, and then apply  a single ply membrane or a layer of weatherproof roofing felt over the top, as this will help to increase longevity. Keep in mind that a flat roof usually has a lower lifespan than a pitched roof, and they also often require a higher amount of maintenance.

Without a doubt, these are the two most popular commercial roofing and industrial roofing designs in the North West and throughout the whole of the UK. By knowing the different benefits and limitations of both, you will certainly put yourself in the best position, to make an informed decision when it comes to your bespoke roofing design.

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