Award Winning Team at NWIR

Here at NWIR we have the pleasure of working alongside some brilliant people, some special characters and a group of thorough professionals! Each and every member of our team is as dedicated as the next, creating a tight knit unit of specialists all working for the same cause.

With many years’ worth of experience between us all, we have all the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate some special projects. It is for this reason that we are able to proudly boast our team now carries an award winning status! Yes that’s right; the team here at RCG have won numerous awards across the years, none more impressive than the Roofing Industry Winner Award 2014.

Corn Exchange Leeds

Our team members, alongside our manufacturing partner TOR Coatings, were awarded the roofing accolade for the work completed on the Corn Exchange in Leeds. This building was originally designed and erected by architect Cuthbert Brodrick as a centre for trade; primarily corn. Nowadays, the site is only one of three left in the country to still fulfil such a purpose, albeit without the involvement of corn!

In September 2013 we were tasked with encapsulating the dome and bars (both glazed) of this grade listed building. The project was crucial to the maintenance of water integrity of the structure. Failed seals and glazing bars had meant water was entering the building and causing structural damage.

Challenging Roofing Project

With the Corn Exchange being situated where it is, there was very little room for scaffolding. Therefore, we were faced with a very complex situation where roof access conditions were tight and at times, seemably impossible. To tackle the job successfully we employed a skilled rope access team, working closely alongside our roofing operatives to gain safe access to all sections of the glazing.

Technical Management  

In total the project took just 6 weeks to complete, a relatively short space of time considering the scale and difficulty of the project. Throughout the job, senior technical supervisors from both TOR Coatings and ourselves oversaw proceedings. After completion, the client was provided a 10 year watertight guarantee.

The project was entered into the 2014 National Federation of Roofing Contractors Awards and became the eventual winner. The judgement is made on various elements, such as difficulty, H&S and environmental qualities. For more information visit our case study page on the project!