Asbestos Related Fatalities Expected to Peak Throughout the Year

The number of fatalities due to cancer caused by exposure to asbestos is set to peak between 2015 and 2020, according to senior doctors across the UK. This piece of news particularly relates to workers who were exposed to asbestos before the 1980s; the number of cases of cancer as a direct result will be at its highest this year.

Mesothelioma is now responsible for over 1,800 deaths every year in the UK; but this is expected to rise to over 2,000 in the next year or two. The disease causes a malignant tumour of the lining of the lung and is extremely deadly. Asbestos itself is still responsible for around 5000 deaths a year, more than the amount of people killed on our roads. This is a past problem that is very much having an effect on our present and future.

Asbestos Exposure

Doctors have speculated that it rarely takes less than 25 years from initial exposure for people to fall victim to the disease. In more cases than not, it can actually take over 50 years for deadly symptoms to develop. Thousands of people, who were exposed to asbestos before more rigorous regulations came into force during the 1980s, are therefore expected to be struck down in the very near future. This could spell the beginning of a potential asbestos-related time-bomb.

Effects of Asbestos – Why is it Dangerous?

When asbestos, or a material containing asbestos, is disturbed or damaged in some way the asbestos fibres are released into the air. If you breathe these fibres in it can have very serious health implications later down the line. The associated diseases will not take effect straight away as they can often take a long period of time to develop.

Once diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer though it is often far too late to do anything about it. So it is very important that you protect yourself now and have any potential asbestos-carrying materials dealt with professionally. For more information visit the Government Health and Safety site.

Children Exposed to Asbestos

The Committee on Carcinogenicity recently reported to the Department for Education that children exposed to asbestos are now at a greater risk of developing Mesothelioma. This is for a number of reasons, the main one being the increased life expectancy of children compared to adults. This means that there is an increased lifetime risk as a result of the long latency period between exposure and effect. The lifetime risk of developing Mesothelioma is thought to be over 3 times higher for a child exposed to asbestos at the age of 5, when compared to an adult exposed at 25.

Call in the Professionals!

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