5 Reasons Why Commercial Gutter Cleaning Is Important

It’s easy to dismiss the importance of clear gutters when you have a multitude of other things to deal with, but have you stopped to consider how many of those problems could be traced back to your guttering? Noticed a few extra pests around your property? Are damp patches forming? You’d be surprised how many major headaches can be traced back to a simple blockage, so why would hiring a commercial gutter cleaning firm help?

Debris Removal

The build-up of foreign materials in your gutters isn’t easy to spot when you don’t have a direct sightline, but every day your system collects more than just rainwater. Everything from moss, roof tiles, silt, fireworks, and loose cement can be found, not to mention seasonal concerns such as loose leaves, birds’ nests and snow.

Modern commercial roofing contractors employ a range of roof diagnostic tools to ensure your system is completely clear and damage free. Cameras are used to inspect individual sections of guttering, and then a combination of pressure washers and vacuums clear the way for water to run freely once more.

Prevents Damage

If you were to weigh all of the junk your gutters accumulate in one year you’d wonder how on earth they cope with this excess load, and the simple answer is, they don’t. Without regular cleaning this weight can cause your gutter joints to sprain, snap, and potentially damage other areas of your property.

When your guttering fails, anything attached to them, such as fascia boards or other decorative items, are coming down with it; and that is one big expensive problem.

Avoids Blockages

Gutters which have been damaged and warped by foreign objects are far more susceptible to clogging, and calling out someone to unblock a single pipe several times a year is far more expensive than employing a commercial roofing contractor to do the job properly.

70% of blockages are caused by guttering debris, and when rainwater cannot flow in its intended direction, that is very bad news for the structural integrity of your building.

Protects Against Damp

Excess water will always find a way to flow towards the ground, and the route it takes can be extremely costly. Blockages in any part of your system are often the root cause of damp basements, cracked foundations, damaged brickwork and rotting wood.

Then of course you have secondary problems caused by these incidents, as an increasingly damp environment can lead to a build-up of pests, moss and algae, who thrive in such conditions.

Saves Money

Regular gutter maintenance and roof management is essential for any home or business. The price of a comprehensive service by NWIR pales in comparison to the accumulated expense of treating a bug infestation, replacing a section of mouldy wall, and treating the countless repairs you’ll need thanks to rotting wood and foundations.

When you also factor in the amount it costs to replace a collapsed guttering system, it makes sense to take action now and give NWIR a call on 0800 046 1500.