4 Signs Your Commercial Roof is in Need of Repair

With the winter season fast approaching, it’s crucial that any building owners take the time to proactively look for signs of damage to their commercial roofing or industrial roofing system. Carrying out regular checks should be commonplace anyway, to ensure that any roof stays in the best shape possible. Plus, watching out for early warning signs of damage can help avoid potentially expensive and time consuming repairs down the line.

It’s always a safe bet to get professional roofing contractors to carry out a free roof survey, but you can also keep a look out for the following signs yourself…


1 – Roof leaks and ponding water

Now that summer has faded away, more rainy days are sure to follow. Heavy rainfall on any commercial or industrial roofing system that can’t efficiently drain it away, will inevitably lead to ponding water. It’s critical to the health of your roof that you always check for signs of water accumulation after bad weather, especially if your building has a flat roof.

Roof leaks can typically occur near where any flashings have been installed or just generally around the exterior edges of the roof. Incorrectly installed flashings, or those that have become damaged in harsh weather, can leave your roofing system exposed, which allows water and moisture to seep in. Be sure to inspect any roof penetration points, such as pipes and drains, as these can be prone to leaks. Experienced roofing contractors will be able to thoroughly check that these are properly watertight.


2 – Cracks and blisters on the roof surface

It’s always important that you check for signs of cracks and blisters on the surface of your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system. Cracks can be even more prevalent on flat roofs, due to the extra pressure that’s often exerted on them. This pressure builds, and if it ever becomes excessive, cracks will start to form on the roof surface. A crack can not only expose your roof to precipitation, it can also be a serious sign that the roofs structure may be  compromised.

Blistering can be caused by a number of problems, from poor ventilation to the build up of moisture. If you notice a raised area of the roof that looks like a bubble, and where there is a loss of adhesion, then this a sure sign of blistering. The raised area traps pockets of air or moisture inside it, and if left untreated it will worsen, growing larger and leading to more costly extensive repairs and possibly a whole roof replacement. If you notice cracks or blister, seeking the services of reputable and reliable commercial roofing companies is a must.


3 – Bad smells and odours

It might sound obvious, but if something starts to constantly smell badly, it’s never a good sign. A foul lingering odour coming from your roof or ceiling, can be another major red flag that something isn’t right with your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system.

The bad smell is usually a result of growing mold, which is can be caused by water breaching your roofing system. When a nasty odour starts to emanate from either the exterior or interior of your roof, it’s better to have roofing contractors check out the source of the smell, otherwise small issues can soon turn into much larger problems.


4 – Damage to the roof flashing

A large percentage of commercial roofing and industrial roofing systems in the North West, or throughout the UK, are flat. Even though no roof is completely without a slight slope, flat roofs often need more repairs simply because they are more prone to damage. Regularly inspecting your roof flashing, i.e. the metal strips that run along the edges of your roof, is an essential task.

These strips are there to secure your roofing materials, in order to prevent debris and water from getting in to your roof system. If you notice that any flashing is rusted, bent out of shape or otherwise damaged, take action straight away to keep any water and debris damage to a minimum.


Is your commercial roof in need of repair?

Watching out for the warning signs can help you to spot any damage or potential risks early enough, and prevent small roof repairs from turning into something more expensive. However, some damage is simply unavoidable, meaning that eventually you’ll need the services of professional commercial roofing companies.

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