4 Commercial Roofing Tips For a New Business Owner

As a new business owner, you’ll already have a lot to deal with. However, it’s important not to neglect your business premises as your company continues to move forward. It’s essential that you keep your commercial property maintained, and this includes your roofing system.

The roofing system is the most critical component of the building and it needs to be kept in good shape year after year. At NWIR, we offer a range of services, which include various roof repairs to complete roof replacements. And we know how important it is to look after your roof as a business owner, so we’ve got some quick roofing tips to help you avoid any costly damage down the line.

Keep it clean

Over time, any roofing system can accumulate dirt, bits of debris, branches, and grime. If you neglect to clean the roof, then it will start to deteriorate at a far faster rate than usual. This is why it’s essential that you clean the roofing system several times throughout the year, and more so during the harsher winter months. It’s best to get professionals to carry out the cleaning of course, and getting rid of debris will also help water to properly drain off the roof.

Look out for mold

Mold is one of those things that can creep into your commercial or industrial roofing system before you even know it. By the time you do notice it on your building, it can end up spreading throughout the roof and into the walls. It’s a clear indication that moisture is somewhere on or inside the roof, meaning there may be a leak on the roof surface somewhere. Roofing contractors can easily repair small leaks and seal the roof so that water can no longer get in.

Check over HVAC equipment

You need to make sure that all HVAC equipment is mounted correctly to your roofing system, and you can do this by getting an HVAC technician, who has a good understanding of your type of roofing system, to perform maintenance on any units. Any other equipment needs to be attached and sealed so that water can’t get inside.

Fix any roof repairs straight away

If you notice anything wrong with your roofing system, then it’s vital that you contact roofing contractors immediately to come and look at it. When small problems are left to persist, they will only develop and get worse, turning into more expensive and bigger repair jobs down the line. The longer you wait the more costly it will be for your business, so no matter how small the fault, get professionals in straight away to sort the problem.

There’s one more tip you also need to consider, and that’s getting your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system professionally inspected by trained roofing contractors. At NWIR, we offer free roof surveys to assess every component of your roof and ensure it’s in excellent condition.

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