3 Commercial Roofing Projects We’ve Worked On In The North West

At NWIR, our highly experienced commercial roofing contractors have carried out numerous successful commercial roofing projects throughout the North West.  

We have built up an extensive portfolio of work over the years and provided award winning work, in multiple cities. Here are just three examples of our commercial roofing success stories in the North West.


Manchester, Roof Refurbishment

Our expert commercial roofing contractors were tasked with carrying out a project at Mono Pumps Ltd, of Audenshaw, Manchester.

Back in 2013, Mono Pumps had acquired the largest industrial deal of the year, gaining a new office headquarters, which would also serve as their manufacturing and distribution site. The building, Satellite 330, was located in Oldham, Manchester – and was formerly used by BAE Systems.

The 442,000 sq ft building had undergone refurbishments over the years, with new flooring and twin-skin metal cladding on the walls. However, the property still had its original asbestos cement roof sheeting, which also contained Georgian wire glazing – all of this was in a poor condition, and had deteriorated significantly.

Our commercial roofing contractors were then instructed to complete a brand new roof refurbishment program by Jones Lang LaSalle in Manchester. We delivered a new 33,000 sq  metre, metal cladding, warm roof construction – which was then supported by a long-term roofing maintenance plan.


Bolton, Commercial Solar Panel Installation

From a production plant in Bolton, M&A Pharmachem supplied medicines to pharmacies, retailers, and supermarkets throughout the UK and beyond.

The leading medicine manufacturer’s energy costs soon began to rise, from the use of high-speed production and packaging machinery – which would have led to costly problems, due to the demand on the local electricity supply network.      

This is where our commercial roofing contractors came in – after taking discussions, it was decided that installing a new solar PV system on the building, would provide a suitable energy saving solution, to significantly reduce costs.

Our highly experienced commercial roofers came to Bolton and used state-of-the-art PV design software, this helped to map the positioning of the 1000 solar panels across the complex roof layout.

The commercial solar panel system was then installed over four weeks, using high-efficiency panels. This effective solution not only helped to reduce energy costs by helping to generate over 300,000 kWh of electricity per annum, it also decreased the business’s overall carbon footprint.


Liverpool, Gutter Lining Installation

Halewood International’s main production and bottling facility was experiencing numerous problems, concerning the building’s valley gutters. Over time they had become corroded, and were experiencing a large amount of leaks.

We dispatched our commercial roofing contractors to the facility in Merseyside, Liverpool. There our expert team undertook a full professional roofing survey of all the valley gutter areas. Using the latest diagnostic techniques, we were able to determine the build-up of the gutter.  

Our commercial roofers took all options into account when considering the best solution for the client, from coating the gutter to a full replacement of the system.

In the end it was decided that the HD Sharman Plygene system was the most suitable solution to the guttering problem. The whole gutter lining system was seamlessly installed with minimum impact on any operation’s below – it was cost effective, watertight, and guaranteed for up to 20 years.

These are just a few examples of the services successfully carried out by our commercial roofing contractors, throughout the North West.

We pride ourselves on being there to support you, with large or small scale roofing projects – talk to us at NWIR today, to find out how we can help you.